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Letter to the Editor: "How many LGBT community people didn’t vote because the LGBT Center sent out this false, misleading and essentially junk mail?"

Good Morning,

After the recent Tuesday election in which I was reluctantly able to vote in, rather than provisional, as I assumed I would have been required to. Other than my military service, I have NEVER voted by mail in ballot. I always go to the polling station and vote that Election Day, on the day.

My point is, in early February, I got a notification in my mailbox, actual paper mail, from the LGBT center, that my ballot was in the mail and gave me instructions on what to do, where to drop it off if not mail, on or before Election Day.

This originally made me infuriated that the Center made the decision for me to vote by mail in ballot. I understand trying to get as many people involved as possible in such a consequential election. Either way, I CHOSE with my registration to not have mail in, knowing I could change this option anytime through the Board or Elections.

Attached is the picture (preview provided by USPS) of the mail I got from the Center. Again, I appreciate their getting people involved, BUT, I never received a ballot to mail in, I was never notified otherwise of being changed to a mail in voter, nor did I approve of being a mail in voter. After receiving nothing close to an official ballot, in the mail for the primaries. I went to my polling station to vote, thinking the space next to my name would say “mail in ballot” and would have to vote provisional.

That was not the case either. I was able to vote as a present person would.

So my issue is this. How many people received this same notice of “your ballot is in the mail?” Did these people that may not be as informed of you could still vote provisional if you didn’t receive a ballot? Did these people get this notice and wait for it, then never received their ballot and thought they couldn’t vote? Did they think or know they weren’t a mail in voter and should go to their polling station?

How many LGBT community people didn’t vote because the LGBT Center sent out this false, misleading and essentially junk mail, stating their ballot was in the mail? Then never received it and didn’t vote because they didn’t know they could still go to their polling station? So many WHY questions. Why was this sent out?

With myself being prior military, I understand selecting a mail in or being present for elections. I CHOOSE how I want to vote. Some people don’t or are not educated about still going to their polling station to vote whether you received a ballot in the mail or not.

This all boils down to THE LGBT CENTER SENT OUT A MAILING WITH FALSE INFORMATION. Like I said, I was infuriated when I got the mailing of my ballot was being sent to me. That was not what I registered for nor has it ever changed in civilian life. Then to get NOTHING pertaining to a ballot in the mail, then actually going to my polling station and their records didn’t show “mail in ballot”

How many votes were lost because of this false blunder? A presumptive choice of someone wanting to mail in their ballot? Then said someone doesn’t receive a ballot and thinks they MIGHT not be able to vote and not knowing they can still go and vote provisional if need be? What was their motive by this false mailing? Why waste donation money for the mailings? Why not send sample ballots or informational literature on choices instead?


Thinking they can’t vote because they never got a ballot. This is bullshit and the center should be held accountable for their failure to follow through or presume for that matter, on how a voter chooses or chooses not to vote. This has boiled in me since Tuesday, after taking with a friend that got the same mailing said he was confused on if he could vote or not because he didn’t get a mail in ballot. Contact me if necessary.

But this is an issue that should definitely be looked into and investigate why the Center pulled this stunt! “Our need our community to be counted” Yea absolutely. But we can’t be fully counted if misleading information is sent out by a leading community organization!

Thank you for your attention.