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Open letter: Andrew DeBaker & Omar De Lugo contact us

Open letter: Andrew DeBaker & Omar De Lugo contact us.

Long gone are the times when opinions and allegations were limited to the people in your immediate vicinity. With the advent of the internet especially social media, slings and arrows are definitely used more freely and reach a wider audience, and if your profile is set to public, a lot more people are subject to a single person's judgments, and the evidence, perhaps unfounded, is stated as fact. But, that's the beauty of the First Amendment. 

Recently we here at San Diego Gay & Lesbian News (SDGLN) have become aware of some pretty rough talk coming from the sidelines and history has proven that during an election year our Publisher Johnathan Hale, because of his marriage to Republican, LGBT politician Carl DeMaio, becomes the subject of criticisms and accusations which pinpoint his integrity especially when it comes to his businesses. 

Hale is the publisher of this publication and the glossy community event circular SDPIX which is celebrating its 18th birthday in 2020, no small feat in a time when LGBT publications are folding because of lack of community support. 

We, the editorial team behind both the award-winning SDGLN and SDPIX,  have become aware of recent posts by social media influencers Andrew DeBaker & Omar De Lugo who have been very vocal on their pages criticizing Hale and calling for a boycott of his publications and sponsored events.  

As attacks and criticisms of our work are always welcome (although we prefer it to be constructive criticism - the only way we can improve!), we invite Andrew and Omar to share their concerns with us. 

We want to do this because, although social media is a place where subscribers can write whatever they want, any attempt at a rebuttal or clarification of facts can be lost in the text conversation or worse, erased completely.

It is for this reason that we invite Andrew & Omar to graciously pen an open letter and allow us to respond as an act of courtesy and transparency. It would also act as a permanent public record. 

The purpose of this call to action is so we can address any concerns that Andrew and Omar may have about our publications, the intent behind them, the sincerity of the owner, and the integrity of our staff and the community we serve, which may suffer from collateral damage.

We invite anyone who may want to know more about our publications to send us a letter and tell us what you think. 

Please reach out HERE >>> with any questions or to submit a letter to the editor or opinion piece that will gladly publish and share across our platforms