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Letter to the Editor: Bernie Sanders is our wake up call

Letter to the Editor: Bernie Sanders is our wake up call.
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They say down south don’t speak of religion sex or politics. I moved to California so I could, The thing is politics affects every part of our lives if we like it or not. I am a part of several marginalized groups that have traditionally had to shut up and take it, to tow the line and wait my turn. I’ve had to smile quietly on the hopes that someone at the big table would throw me a crumb so I could say thank you so much.

We all pay taxes to a government that didn’t spend it on our wellbeing but on what they wanted under the flag of they know better than we do.

I see all the candidates for office claim they care about my vote every time there is an election and as quick as it’s over they are gone. Win or lose I still get left on the sidelines.

I felt back in 08 that Hillary would be different that she could make changes but as she ran I saw how she tried to twist facts that were well documented to make her look more than she was, I saw how this unknown guy Obama started to make sense to me. I thought this guy has something, That maybe there was a politician that I could get behind, I campaigned for him and phone banked and sent what little money I had into the organization to help get the word out.

He won and we were all so excited, he had organized us and we were ready for our marching orders what to do next. To our surprise he said, you guys were great, I’ve got it from here.

After the honeymoon the next few years the fire of change died out to middle of the road plans that were weak republicans plans at their core. I love Obama for what he did and understand that no one can live up to all campaign promises, but with that said he dropped the ball. The big populist ball of thousands of people ready to mobilize to fight for the agenda he spoke about. We could have used our numbers to help vote out opposition, to canvas and town hall roadblocks that stood in the way.

To give a face to the cause and really move the needle to make good of the promise of America.

In 2016 there was another chance for change. Hillary was back at it again, she promised nothing, she played identity politics and allowed her hubris to ignore where the country had moved. Bernie Sanders asked Elizabeth Warren to lead the charge against her and run, She said no, so he ran instead. Everyone counted him out, the pendants laughed, the donor class laughed, but one by one he started to reach out to real Americans that had had enough of half measures.

It took cheating from the DNC to do their best to swing things in Hilary’s favor, this isn’t conjuncture but fact. From Wassermann -Shultz and Donna Brazil and super delegates casting a vote before the people could even have a say. So “our” candidate was HRC, a moderate that offered nothing new, small tweaks to the status quo against her old friend Trump… surprise she lost. Remember folks, hope and change candidates always win and Trump lied to his base that he was their white hope and that he would help change Washington and against all odds he won.

I like many of you voted for her but the truth is I knew she would lose before a single vote was cast because she didn’t read the room, as they say, she didn’t take the temperature of the country and see how angry and upset America was with middle of the road leadership. She could have been the mother of our country that strong female voice of reason of what matriarchy could bring all American children up regardless of where they were from. But no, she would rather party with Beyonce than hustle for them last votes in Wisconsin and Michigan, fighting for them blue-collar votes she needed. Our votes in California didn’t matter as it is a blue state and wasn’t counted till the end of the night, and now we have Trump. Thanks for nothing.

Now she tours the country toughing that if it wasn’t for Sanders she would have won, that he didn’t do enough to get his voters to vote for her. the man did 40 rallies for her when she did 9 for Obama when she lost. More of Sanders supports voted former than hers voted for Obama. I think she needs to recognize her own strategy in her race.

Now we have a new election coming up with Sanders and 4 other shades of “Nothing to see here”.

Biden has run two times before and fizzled out due to his record. He is a good person but not up for the job at hand as he has been on the wrong side of so many important issues. Klobuchar is all spit-fire with mediocrity to delve out in measured “we can’t do that” bites. Mayo Pete, who also promises “conversation” and servility with no real plan other than his own importance, if we need “feel good” platitudes we will call you Pete. The way he rand SouthBend says a lot about how he’d run the country.

Ask the black folks there and learn the real story. Elizabeth Warren is a progressive in spirit, not a strong one but at least she has ideas that would more than move the needle. Unfortunately, she is surrounded by terrible advice from ex Clinton and Harris (remember her?) "I’m a top tier candidate she would say” folks.

Sanders isn’t perfect, but he is honest, he’s not young but he is looking out for the young. Sanders isn’t trying to leverage power to help himself but to send your kids to college and give you health care so the taxes you spend go to help you and your neighbors. It’s a rare thing to see the Democrats, republicans, news pundits and media all trying to tell us that this guy who for over 40 years is terrible. That we can’t do these pie in the sky things.

That the system isn’t made that way that we need to set our expectations lower. We need to wait a little longer as three families own more wealth than the bottom half of all Americans. How is it a just system when there is a drop-out to prison for profit pipeline filled with black and brown people. That an oligarch like Michael Bloomberg is even being talked about with his racist stop and frisk policies? No. Sorry. Homie don’t play that.

It’s sickening to see these millionaire cable news folks call him a socialist like we are in the cold war, to watch them flounder trying to smear someone trying to help the American people where they are trying to hold on to their money and influence. It’s money in politics that keep progress from happening. Propping up big business that lines their pockets and play us like pawns.

What is different about Bernie Sanders is the movement of millions of people mobilized to help him. People that will march and show up, that will get out and vote out obstructionist. It’s about US, the people of America. Bernie is our wake up call. It’s all hands on deck. I’m not trying to tell anyone how to vote, I’m telling you why I’ll vote for Bernie. I think of it as a vote for the least among us. The tide raises all boats. Bernie 2020.

-Joe Phillips,San Diego