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Why we are disabling comments on SDGLN.com

SDGLN has disabled the comments section on our website.
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San Diego Gay and Lesbian News is following suit with many respected news publications by disabling the comments section on our website. There are a few reasons why we chose to make this difficult decision.

First, as editor, I concentrate on bringing you LGBT news throughout the day, sometimes as it happens, therefore moderating feedback is simply beyond my capacity especially on weekends.

Second, although we welcome constructive feedback to our stories, sometimes the comments do not respectfully generate dialogue and often spiral into profane name-calling, inferential leaps, and in-fighting which has nothing to do with the topic.

San Diego Gay and Lesbian News publisher Johnathan Hale feels this type of behavior is unconstructive and detrimental to our readers who have benign opinions on either side of the issue.

He says in a statement he chose to disable the comments out of fairness to everyone. No longer will readers be distracted by deeply offensive and disrespectful rhetoric. 

“We do so to prevent our website from becoming a haven for unscrupulous characters to use us a platform to attack those who they may not agree with.

Moderating comments to prevent inflammatory commentaries such as profanity, bigotry and other forms of cyberbullying has become a daunting task.  A task that a small LGBT media publication like ours simply does not have the resources to manage.

While our readers will not be able to post commentary directly to our website, they can share our articles with commentary posted directly to their own social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

It will be up to those platforms to determine whether the commentary is in line with their terms of service.

I do hope as a society we can find our way back to communicating our grievances with one another in a civil manner. 

For our part, SDGLN will continue to follow our own conscience and our heart."

-- San Diego Gay and Lesbian News Publisher, Johnathan Hale

As always, we do like hearing from our readers and that line of communication is always open through the "Contact Us" button at the bottom of the page. 

Feel free to use that as a resource for Letters to the Editor, news tips or opinions about our content. 

We appreciate our community and every voice within it.

We do not, however, want those voices to be drowned out by bullies who use their keyboards as weapons of hate speech and intimidation.