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'The Breakfast Club' reverts back to 90's trash TV, they should apologize

"The Breakfast Club," even after having trans activist Janet Mock on the show feigns innocence at Lil Duval's remarks, won't apologize.
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Janet Mock

A lot of controversies have been surrounding the recent remarks by comedian Lil Duval on the radio show "The Breakfast Club" he was on last Friday, and they should apologize. 

The problem arose when he said if he slept with a woman and later found she was trans she would have to die.

This, of course, is a very scary statement since trans women, especially of color are dying in the country at an alarming rate.

It’s a very Jerry Springer moment. Springer’s "She's Got a Secret" episodes used to bring guests and their girlfriends on stage to reveal that they used to be men in hopes the guy would tear up the stage, fight the trans woman and bring up the daytime Nielsen ratings.

But that was before America had its first African American president, before marriage equality and before Don’t Ask Don’t Tell became a thing of the past.

The point is we have progressed in society; we have made rather big leaps and bounds as far as being accepted. And though some setbacks are currently taking hold during this presidential term, why does the comedian and his followers support the killing or the causing of harm to a trans woman?

This is not 1990’s trash TV. We have Emmy-award winning dramas about trans folks on Amazon and Netflix.

"The Breakfast Club" seemed to slip back into the dangerous game of exploitation, using the LGBT community to incite hate and gather ratings.

Some have said that Donald Trump is doing the same thing.

What’s more, the hosts didn’t try to stop the conversation, they let it continue. In a statement on Monday, one of the hosts even admitted that they knew nothing about the topic.

Remember when Jenny Jones had that “secret crush” episode where a young gay man revealed that he was in love with a straight co-worker, and then the man murdered the admirer three days later?

The media has progressed beyond this point, but when shows like “The Breakfast Club” offer up incendiary provocations to people who already seem insecure about a topic it seems premeditated.   

Then four days later completely sidestepping responsibility as a media source one co-host in response to the controversy says he won't apologize for what another man said.

This then becomes a jointly signed endorsement of Duval’s remarks. In addition, consider that Duval has 854,000 followers on Twitter, the majority of which seem to agree with homicide. He did amend that statement on the show, saying he would be so mad he would want to kill them. But that’s really the same message.

And he still hasn't offered a retraction. 

Initially, one might give “The Breakfast Club” a slight pass because they admitted (4 days later) to knowing nothing about the trans topic. But that rings untrue because President Trump not a week ago undervalued trans folks calling them “disruptive” in the military.

That was a pretty big story. 

And further, the show just had trans activist and writer Janet Mock on a few days before Duval's appearance: what did they take away from that meeting?  

As members of the media, especially the LGBT media, we have a responsibility to prove Trump wrong with his deceptive "fake news" idea.

Following the ethical code of journalism is now more important than ever and just because the Duval interview wasn't on "60 Minutes" or "20/20" doesn't mean "The Breakfast Club" can make excuses for laughing, prodding and provoking Lil Duval, then feign innocence when they get their soundbite.

Yes, they need to apologize. And until that time #BoycottBreakfastClub seems relevant.