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HBA opposes the bike lane to nowhere

HBA has negotiated for parking compromises related to the City bike lane on University Ave. that made those lanes better.
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The Hillcrest Business Association (HBA) is encouraging members to speak out about SANDAG's proposed bikes lanes on 4th and 5th Ave. through Hillcrest.

SANDAG is planning on replacing the City's bike lane (which takes out no parking) with a bike lane that will remove almost 40 parking spaces from the heart of Hillcrest.

Council member Chris Ward supports this effort!  

Call the Mayor's office at 619-236-6330 (or email him at kevinfaulconer@sandiego.gov) and Chris Ward at 619-236-6633 (or email at christopherward@sandiego.gov) and let them know your thoughts! 

A few things to think about when calling:

They're raiding parking meter funds to pay for it: SANDAG and City staff are working to divert much of the saved parking meter money (that was supposed to pay for a parking structure in Hillcrest) to maintain and improve SANDAG's bike lanes.

That means parking meter money that should have been used to expand parking options is being used to reduce parking options.  

It's a bike lane to nowhere: SANDAG's plan to build their bike lane relies on the use of Bachman Street through UCSD Medical Center.

UCSD senior staff acknowledge that SANDAG has not received their approval for the use of this private road for a bike lane. Hillcrest is suffering a devastating loss of parking for a bike lane that has nowhere to go.

HBA supports bike lanes:  The HBA has been a champion of common sense bike lanes for years.

In fact the HBA has done more than any other organization to advocate for bike lanes that make sense.  HBA has negotiated for parking compromises related to the City bike lane on University Ave. that made those lanes better.

The HBA was also the first organization in the City to install bike corrals (the rainbow ones) and bike repair stations.  The HBA can not support bike lanes at any cost and removing parking spaces is too high of a cost!  

There is already a bike lane:  SANDAG's bike lane will replace the City's current bike lane.  SANDAG's bike lane will cost millions and will remove 40 parking spaces meanwhile, the City's nearly complete bike lane has removed no parking and was built at little expense.  Something's not right with that.   

Email benjamin@hillcrestbia.org if you have questions concerning the bike lane project!