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VIDEO: Operative for CA Dems admits to knowingly distributing false gay smear against DeMaio

Aggressive CA Dem operative distributes gay smear
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"The fact of the matter is that this should be followed up with he was falsely accused."

That was the response of one Josh Newman supporter who was handing out flyers in Orange County over the weekend.

He was referring to verbiage on the ad that intends to smear former City Councilmember Carl DeMaio (R) seen in the video below. 

The operative also says he will tell people that DeMaio was falsely accused but continue to disperse the red and bright yellow cardboard printout containing the false message. 

Some people know what they are handing out while others do not, is the latest assessment from the Orange County political front as volunteers still choose to bombard shoppers with the derogatory text against DeMaio. 

San Diego Gay and Lesbian News has kept you posted about the grassroots effort of DeMaio as he tries to recall Senator Josh Newman (D) and ultimately the CA.car and gas tax.

Over 200 volunteers including Hale Media publisher Johnathan Hale (publisher of SDGLN) have continued to endure harassment and aggressive bullying from volunteers representing the California Democratic Party.

Citizens who want to sign the recall petition are being sniped by the opposition verbally, being handed materials willy-nilly by people who seem ignorant of its claims. 

DeMaio himself approached one storefront Newman supporter and was handed a flyer that contains his image along with verbiage alluding to an accusation that was admitted to be false by the accuser himself and verified as untrue by a federal judge. 

Even though the case was found to be a hoax, DeMaio is still having to endure the re-birth of this smear, not by the Republicans, but by the California Democratic Party itself, an organization which has constantly criticized the extreme right for similar tactics.

Johnathan Hale, husband to DeMaio, has no issue with people disputing policy, but when it comes to subliminally smearing his spouse with false claims, engaging in offensive hand gestures and not giving the public accurate information, he feels he needs to speak up.

And that includes to members of the Democratic Party he calls friends who seem to have gone deaf to his requests. 

“Who I am most disappointed in today, is someone I’ve admired for more than two decades," Hale said in a statement. "And that is Senator Toni Atkins. This is someone that I thought to be of high reputation, someone that I thought would put an end to something like this.”

He spoke to Sen. Atkins as she was on the senate floor last week, appealing to her to halt the attempt at defamation against his husband. 

"Rather than it becoming less of an issue, they’ve doubled down on it." Hale adds, "For that I have lost complete faith in all of my LGBT elected officials because they are putting their party before their principals.”

On a more personal level, Hale says he would ever allow this same type of tactic if the shoe were on the other foot. 

“To Toni I say this, I know you and your wife, I’ve had dinner with you and your wife, and I know what this would feel like for you if your wife was put through something like this unfairly. I will tell you one thing if it ever happens I will give you the support you are not giving me today.  I will stand up for you, I will use my publication to defend you,  I will tell whomever is doing it that they are wrong."


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As a matter of full disclosure, Hale Media Publisher Johnathan Hale is married to Carl DeMaio.