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CA Dems double down on false gay smear against DeMaio

California Dems still using graphic and proven false rhetoric in flyers against Carl DeMaio.

Recently San Diego Gay and Lesbian News brought to light the gay-baiting smear tactics that the California Democratic Party has been using against openly gay Carl DeMaio (R) to thwart his efforts in recalling Sen. Josh Newman (D) and ultimately the California car and gas tax. 

It appears that Democrats despite being called out by our news organization are not taking the high road and are doubling-down to attack DeMaio's integrity with carefully worded smears and allusions to false claims. 

In Yorba Linda today as the grass roots efforts continue in DeMaio's campaign, several front organizations outside of big name retailers continue to hand out these flyers with graphic verbiage and claims that have been proven false by a federal judge. 

Even Johnathan Hale, of Hale Media, with a group of over 200 college student's wasn't immune to being given the handouts which contain the false narrative. He captured video of the exchange which you can view in the first video below. 

It’s also being reported that several college & LGBT volunteers are being approached by four to five paid Newman operatives who surround them in an attempt to intimidate voters from signing the petition.

Additional videos below show these paid operatives holding flyers and aggressively approaching one citizen trying to add her signature to the cause.

“It’s not a tax on cars,” says the Newman supporter in the video, “You are recalling a senator.”

“I get that, I understand that,” the citizen responds, “I speak English and understand it perfectly.”

One of SDGLN's rival publications LGBT Weekly took notice of our original story about the flyers, and writer Stampp Corbin, a staunch opponent of DeMaio spoke out against this distasteful and character defiling party tactic. 

In Stampp's article "A First: I support Carl DeMaio," he writes:

"The difference between other political pundits and me is I call a spade a spade, regardless of party. Carl DeMaio does not deserve to be treated unfairly by republishing and spreading accusations against him that have been proven to be untrue." 

California politicians who call themselves LGBT allies have yet to respond to our multiple requests for comment. Senator Toni Atkins was someone we really wanted to hear back from as she recently attended a fundraiser for the very organization behind the homophobic propaganda. 

Last week Hale spoke with historically LGBT supportive Sen. Atkins from the Senate floor, asking for her assurances that she would put an end to this smear. 

She claims to have not been aware of the smear campaign contained on the flyers. We then sent her office photos of the offending materials and still have not received a response. We also have not received a statement from out gay Assemblymember Todd Gloria.

As we have said before, this is not a matter of policy, rather the integrity of the California Democratic Party who constantly say they oppose these same underhanded tactics funded by the extreme right.

That is not to say that all Republicans dabble in this sort of pettiness and crude subliminal messaging. 

San Diego's own Mayor Kevin Faulconer has been a great LGBT ally and continues to make appearances and give speeches of equality and inclusion in the community. 

Dear California Democrats, whether you oppose DeMaio or not, handing out flyers with carefully worded rhetoric which, in red, dredge up claims found to be untrue by a federal judge borders on homophobia and dissension from the LGBT people who support you, and who you claim to support.  

You are no better than the extreme right when you use these proven false, verbally graphic and carefully planned actions to discredit Carl DeMaio. 

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As a matter of full disclosure, Hale Media Publisher Johnathan Hale is married to Carl DeMaio.