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California Dems dredge up debunked homophobic smear against Carl DeMaio

DeMaio pictured with Toni Atkins and Todd Gloria ant Pride Flag dedication ceremony.

The California Democratic party is utilizing debunked accusations against former council member Carl DeMaio (R) who is leading an effort to remove California’s car and gas taxes.

Recently DeMaio started a three-phase campaign which began with gathering signatures in Orange County to recall California State Senator Josh Newman (D) who was the deciding vote which approved the fees.

The ongoing successful petition effort is resulting in thousands of signatures. 

But the politics of the recall are not the focus here. The focus is the unnecessary rehash of debunked and false accusations against DeMaio by former aide Todd Bosnich who was found to have made deliberately deceptive claims against DeMaio back in 2014.

By his own admission of guilt Bosnich told the federal jury in 2015 that he created phony email accounts and made it appear that DeMaio was making inappropriate advances toward him.

Bosnich also told the FBI that he lied to them when they questioned him about the dummy email accounts. He plead guilty to a single count of obstruction of justice.

The probation department argued during sentencing that there were “no victims” in this instance, but the federal judge who heard the case said he disagreed with that statement.

The judge went on to say that although there is no proof that Bosnich’s actions caused DeMaio to lose the District 52 Congressional seat, they definitely played a role.

The judge added that DeMaio, “his campaign, and the democratic process itself are the real victims in this case.”

Curiously the California Democratic Party is latching on to these falsehoods and making them the forefront of their smear campaign. 

On their Facebook page the organization predominately writes underneath a picture of DeMaio:

"Who is behind this recall? the recall effort is being led by a former San Diego  City Council member named Carl DeMaio whose political career ended when he was accused of sexually harassing numerous members of his staff..." the graphic accusations continue from there.

But again, they appear slanderous as these charges were found to be false by the accuser's own admission.

Johnathan Hale, publisher of San Diego Gay and Lesbian News is not happy with these political tactics and the LGBT political leaders who seem to be unaware, or are ignoring the gross injustice to Carl DeMaio's integrity. 

He offered up the following statement. 

“In 2015 when federal felony charges were brought against Carl DeMaio’s accuser for lying and manufacturing evidence, both the prosecutors and the federal judge noted that DeMaio was unjustly smeared with the express goal of misleading voters and impacting the election.

This false smear was gay-baiting then and it is gay-baiting now.  What is so outrageous is that the Democratic Party would perpetuate false smears that resulted in a highly-publicized federal felony conviction to falsely smear and gay-bait in a desperate attempt to once again mislead voters.  Even more outrageous is that the smear was signed by Eric C. Bauman a Gay LGBT activist and Chair of the California Democratic Party.

San Diego’s own LGBT politicians State Senator Toni Atkins and Assemblyman Todd Gloria – both of whom have received support from this publication – should immediately demand an end to these homophobic tactics.” 

I am calling on the California LGBT Caucus, Assembly member Evan Low, Vice-Chair Ricardo Lara, Senator, Toni G. Atkins, Assemblymember Sabrina Cervantes, Assemblymember Susan Eggman, Senator Cathleen Galgiani, Assemblymember Todd Gloria and Senator Scott Wiener to demand that that these gay-baiting smear campaign materials be taken down from their website and social media platforms.  I am also calling on Eric C. Bauman chair of the California Democratic Party to issue an apology to Carl DeMaio and offer assurance that such gay-baiting smear tactics will never be used again by the California Democratic Party.

It’s too late to recall the tens of thousands of mail pieces that have went out.  The damage has been done.  It’s not too late to restore integrity to the Democratic process.

SDGLN has reached out to both Sen. Atkins' and Assemblymember Todd Gloria's office for a statement. Their spokespeople say they are looking into the issue, but as of yet they have no statement. 

However, past State President Equality California, and past member of California Democratic State Central Committee, City Commissioner Nicole-Murray Ramirez, did speak out about the smears once they were brought to his attention.  

"The recent homophobic smears against Carl DeMaio sponsored by the State Democratic Party should be condemned by all Democrats," he said. "I especially call upon all GLBT elected Democratic officials to speak out and condemn this McCarthy-like politics."

With the LGBT community and political leaders trying to work together in this current climate of "fake news," political officials, especially allies within the community should be aware of what's going on in their own party, despite whether they disagree with someone else's policies or not.

To turn a blind eye to aggressive homophobia and proven untruths in mass flyers approved by the state does nothing to bolster their commitment to equality or inclusiveness in the LGBT community.

As a matter of full disclosure, Hale Media Publisher Johnathan Hale is married to Carl DeMaio.

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