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VIDEO: Preventing teen suicide, a message from Cyndi Lauper

For young people, fall is often a time of new beginnings: new school year, new schedules, new adventures yet to happen. Unfortunately, not every young person has something to look forward to in their life.

COMMENTARY: Americans need a job

Workers are the backbone of America but the backbone has been aching for some time and needs immediate and serious attention - through job creation policies.

Dear Chuck and SAME: The Socialists never disappoint

Arlon gave up his column space a couple weeks in a row to allow for replies to his stance on socialism; then ironically, he went on a Baltic cruise. Now he's back and ready to rumble, once again.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Chemical industry 1, California children 0

This has been a real David vs. Goliath fight and I’m disappointed that some in the Senate chose to side with the powerful chemical and pharmaceutical industries and not with California children. It’s a shame that we have failed to protect our most vulnerable citizens from this toxic chemical.