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COMMENTARY: The political risks of supporting gay rights

Historically, American presidents have rarely gotten far ahead of public opinion on civil rights issues, and the few times they have, they've paid a substantial price for doing so.

"Black Lesbians Matter" report is an eye-opener

This study shows that advocacy needs of Black lesbians persist in the areas of financial security, healthcare, access to education, and marriage equality.

COMMENTARY with VIDEO: Meet Major Margaret Witt, and a call to action

The ACLU is helping Maj. Witt challenge her military discharge in court so she can continue to serve the country she loves. Her story is a dramatic reminder of how unfair and counterproductive "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" is—and why Congress needs to put an end to it.

COMMENTARY: Corporate America, don't kill the goose that lays the golden egg

More than 14.9 million American workers remain unemployed while America's employed are being squeezed for more productivity as wages continue to fall and Corporate America continues to profit at the expense of Americans. We must reverse the cycle.

COMMENTARY with VIDEOS: Honor killings must cease

The LGBT and bear communities worldwide are paying homage to Ahmet Yildiz as a reminder of all the people who suffer discrimination in the world based on their sexual orientation, and ask all governments in the world to fight against hate crimes.