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Forget Milo, you should be listening to TS Madison

TS Madison Hinton keeps it more real than Milo Yiannopoulos.
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TS Madison Hinton - Facebook

For everything that has recently come up about the incendiary tongued Milo Yiannopoulos, there is one person who you should have been listening to all along: TS Madison Hinton. 

Where Milo stops short, Madison continues with raw and unfiltered commentary on a world that may be too afraid to hear her truths.

However these truths are hers and she won't backtrack on any of them for nobody. 

I won't pretend to know Milo's private life and past, because frankly, I can't take him seriously. 

Is he a comedian? Is he an activist? I just don't know. 

His recent admission to being sexually abused is about the only time I felt some sort of empathy toward him, even if that revelation was administered through a flippant conversation with a conservative talk radio host. 

Milo has since resigned from his position as editor at Breitbart, and Simon and Schuster pulled the plug on a book deal after his remarks came to light. 

TS Madison on the other hand isn't afraid to delve into the chaos of her past, and she does it with bad words, explicit descriptions and a still-active Twitter account. 

How about Simon and Schuster take a comparative look at these two people and decide which book they would rather fund, and how much honesty they are willing to endorse:

One about an gay white English man enduring the pains and struggles of a dysfunctional home whose only claim to fame is seething commentary about members of his own community, or a black trans woman from Florida who has survived abuse, sexual assault, and the treachery of the porn industry all the while keeping her religious beliefs intact and making a success of herself?

Madison has some conservative values as well, she is a Christian who often quotes scripture in her social media blogs and advocates for the right to bear firearms.

Whereas Milo had to backpedal and explain his position on pedophilia and his words (“I deeply regret that. People deal with things from their past in different ways"), Madison knows the twists in her past aren't moored on the docks of political officials or the media elite. 

She has created a platform that Milo only wishes he could emulate: TS puts the real me in media and rarely apologizes for it. 

Madison is very different when it comes to exposing her past. She admits to being an escort, being sexually assaulted and makes no excuses about her participation in the porn industry, something she says has brought her the bounties of success.  

Milo, with a sour book deal and job loss, wants to provoke people into hearing his scandalous opinions, shocking them under the guise of free speech. 

Madison isn’t in it for the shock; that’s not her nature. Albeit it may get a reaction from her followers, it’s not meant to stimulate “likes” on social media, its meant to educate those within her reach and beyond. If people have questions, she does her best to answer them.

And if it's controversy you want in her response, she will give that to you too: it comes with the brand. 

Milo may talk about transgender people in his limited capacity to understand them, but Madison talks about transgender people from a real place, a real dimension that exists which includes rape, discrimination and homicide. How can Milo be the voice for millions if he only talks about things with no regard for what’s really going on? Now that's what his mentor Donald Trump would call "fake" news. 

Madison brings the truth to the roof, it’s a quality I appreciate because I know absolutely nothing about the world in which she lived or the world she must wake up to everyday.

Milo stated last year that transgender folks are disturbed because they have been betrayed by left wing activists who give them false hope.

“Of course many trannies, or those that make up their own new gender, are not actually retarded,” Milo wrote, “But they are deeply mentally damaged, and they are failed by a liberal establishment obsessed with making them feel good about themselves.”  

Here’s TS Madison’s description of herself in an interview from 2103.

“I’ve known that I was transgender since day one! These are things you grow up knowing. No, I’m not going to give you the same cliché answer that I am a woman trapped in a man’s body because that is a lie. I was a gay boy that was attracted to straight males and looking like a boy was not going to get me the type of man I wanted. Only hair and make-up possess those capabilities, and thus became the beginning of my transition.”

The contrast in attitudes is striking, but both controversial. Milo's coming from a child-like judgmental position he knows nothing about, the other an honest and real look inside the mind of a level-headed, intelligent person who has the ability to provoke from a genuine, learned place.

The two comments are quite provocative, but only one is based in reality, supported by real world evidence and information for dumb folks like me.  

I’m a white man, I don’t know anything about certain aspects of culture. Now I do, and that’s thanks to TS Madison Hinton.

So what if I have to turn down the volume when I listen to her videos because my kids are around, it's important to hear these things as they really are, not as I think they are.

I don't want to subscribe to something filled with unfounded rhetoric, I want the truth.

In fact, I'd much rather have my kids listen to Madison tell her adult language truths, than hear Milo speculate on his. 

She is honest about the world and its ways because she's been in the trenches not on the benches unlike Milo who says there  is no such thing as white privilege. 

Each uses free speech as a platform; the difference being TS paid the price to speak her mind early on, Milo now having lost almost everything, is currently paying his dues whether he admits to it or not.