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How does the City spend your money?

San Diego adds to its success by posting years of expenditure and revenue data.
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San Diego – The City of San Diego today announced advancements to its budget-focused web app which will provide San Diegans unprecedented access to the City’s financial information.

Budget.sandiego.gov now includes the City’s actual revenue and expenditure data, allowing users to see spending trends and create charts that compare actual results to budgeted amounts in over 30 different City departments.

“For years we’ve been telling San Diegans how the City invests their money, and now we’re showing them,” Mayor Kevin L. Faulconer said. “When you see how the City’s budget works, it’s easier for you to get involved to make sure we’re funding the projects that make a difference in your neighborhoods.”

The budget visualization tool was launched in April 2015 so that San Diegans could see more details on how the City budgets tax dollars.

Early this year, seven years’ worth of budgets were made available, including this year’s, which allowed interested community members to compare funding allocations over time in a user-friendly format.

As of today, actual budget expenditures from Fiscal Year 2011 through Fiscal Year 2016, which concluded June 30, are also posted.

Since its launch, thousands of individuals have accessed budget.sandiego.gov, some visiting multiple times.

With the addition of actual expenditure data, the City anticipates that number to grow.

“San Diegans should know how the City is spending money, and we’re providing that in a digestible way through budget.sandiego.gov,” said Almis Udrys, Director of the City’s Performance and Analytics Department. “By sharing information, we’re inviting community members to play a bigger role in their government.”

The White House last week recognized San Diego’s leadership on meaningful data utilization when it named the City a partner in smart cities technology guidelines.

"Since we first started working with San Diego, the City has been a trailblazer in open data," said Zac Bookman, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of OpenGov. "Today, San Diego adds to its success by posting years of expenditure and revenue data.

"It's an honor to work with San Diego and bring the Smart Government Platform to one of the largest and most innovative cities in the world,”

The budget visualization tool is one of many projects the City of San Diego has implemented in the last two years to engage with community members and increase transparency.

Other efforts include:

§  Development and launch of a web app that details road repair work and condition assessments for San Diego’s entire street network;

§  Creation of an open data portal which includes a variety of datasets which were prioritized for posting in part by public input;

§  Administration of a resident satisfaction survey that engaged San Diegans to share feedback with how the City is doing in effectively serving and supporting our communities;

§  The “Get it Done” web and mobile app that provides San Diegans with an improved customer experience when requesting City services in the right-of-way;

§  Initiation of a hackathon during which local hackers were provided data from the City and other stakeholders to develop means of implementing San Diego’s aggressive Climate Action Plan;

§  Launch of a Performance Dashboard that includes information presented visually and as text on several core services including public safety response times and participation in park and recreation programming; and

§  Complete redesign of the City website to help residents, businesses and visitors find the information they need more easily than ever before.