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A nightmare scenario for couple who chose surrogacy

Jay Timmons (left) and Rick Olson hold their son, Jacob Timmons
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Imagine you and your spouse cannot naturally conceive children, but you are willing and capable of being a good parent.  

As luck has it, you are approached by another couple who are close friends of yours who offer an embryo that they did not use but do not want to destroy.  

With the full support of the parents who donated the embryo, you also find a suitable surrogate to carry the child. 

Contracts are signed between you and the embryo donors and the surrogate to memorialize a clear agreement that you will become the parents of the child when it is born.

Seems like a done deal, right?  

Nope, but not for the reason you might suspect.

In fact, the embryo donors and the surrogate do not change their mind.  Everyone remains in agreement that you should become the parent to this child.  

Instead, it is an out-of-control judge with an obscene bias who inserts government into the matter and leaves your child as an orphan for months.  

Why?  Because the judge harbors bias against you and your spouse.  

This is the story of Rick Olson and Jay Timmons - two gay men who live in the Washington DC area and are well-respected in the halls of power.

 They also have a record of being exceptional parents to two other children.  

A Wisconsin judge shocked the legal community across the country by targeting Olson and Timmons when they showed up in his courtroom to process some pretty routine paperwork to memorialize their parental rights to their child.  

What ensued were months of court-ordered studies of their personal lives while their child's fate hung in the balance.  

It also cost them hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees.

Olson and Timmons are speaking out now so no other couple ever has to endure the nightmare they had to endure.  

They sit down with Carl DeMaio for an at-length interview.  

Do they finally save their child from being an orphan?  What happens with the biased judge?  

Listen to the story HERE.

As a matter of full disclosure, Hale Media Publisher Johnathan Hale is married to Carl DeMaio.