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Here’s why the LGBTQ community Is a waste of your time

"There’s no real reason to hate us. If it’s yourself that you hate, don’t. "
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You know, the LGBTQ community is a waste of your time. Seriously. We are so regular. We work. We go to school. We raise families. We fight for what’s good in the world. We go out with friends. We celebrate with family. We’re you.

Wasting time and energy hating us and railing against us and killing us really is just that - a waste of your time.

Gay people are born from straight parents. It’s not like we can be ever be eradicated. We are, literally, a force of nature. So that’s a total non-starter. And you see what happens when you make the gays mad, we just love harder and join together faster and work tirelessly to change laws and hearts.

What you’re doing now is really non-sensical. When I dislike something, I spend as little time and energy as possible on it. I don’t do anything that will give it more attention.

Professional sports for example. I’m not a fan. I find them boring and I’m offended at how much money professional players are paid. So I’m certainly not going to waste my life force on them.

I’m not going to go into a stadium and kill them and die or go to jail as a result. I’m not going to waste my time protesting games. Who cares? I think it’s dumb. But lots of people love them. So they can have at it, while I spend my time at the theater and my money on shoes.

Now, if football players started saying that I had to play too or that I had to go their games or that I in any way owed them my time or money or mental space, well, then we have a problem.

If they physically threaten me or the people I love or anyone for that matter, I’m going to take to the streets and to social media and I’m going to fight as hard as I can with my heart and my hands and my pen.

But if they’re doing their thing and I’m left to do mine, I have no business bothering them and doing so just makes me look silly for wasting my energy on something I purport to hate.

You know, whenever I say I really don’t like someone, and it’s not because of something like they’re mean or hateful or they run over bags of kittens with their Hummer, my dad always says, “There’s something of yourself that you don’t like that you see in them. So hating them is hating yourself. Otherwise, why, honestly, would you waste your time and energy.”

You know what? He’s always right. Either I’m envious of them for going after something that I’m too scared to go after and I hate myself for not being like them.

Or they do things that I know I do and hate myself for doing those things. Or they live authentically in ways I wish I could and hate myself for hiding. I’m judging myself and acting out by judging them and it simply makes no sense.

I am living a happy, authentic life, that includes being a lesbian in an incredibly happy, healthy, monogamous relationship with a woman I love desperately who desperately loves me.

So what do you care? If you think I’m going to Hell, pray for me. That’s what God actually says to do. “Judge not lest ye be judge.”

If you think I’m gross, turn the other way when my girlfriend kisses me on the cheek over lunch. If you think how I was born was wrong, be sure you don’t benefit from any of my or my LGBTQ’s family’s contributions to the world.

Be sure not to benefit from the laws gay lawmakers have put in place to protect you. Do your homework and be sure you’re not getting any health benefits from gay researchers and doctors.

My little sister has been a huge part of the research movement in the area of young adults with cancer.

So if you are one of those or someone you love is, remove yourself from every project and program and hospital because in at least some small way, my lesbian sister likely made that benefit possible.

And while you’re at it, don’t you dare go on a home tour and use our decorating ideas. And clean out your closet of every gay designer. Keep your bachelorette parties out of our clubs too. If you hate us, keep us out of your lives — if you can. But don’t waste your own life on us.

Love your family. Spend time with your kids. Dig into work. While you’re shooting the people we love and protesting the funerals of our brothers and sisters, you are neglecting your wife and children and husband and work and even your home.

And definitely God. He wants you to be of service to your fellow man. He wants you to walk in the steps of his son. Jesus never hated a day in his life. He weeps every time you kill or hate in his name. He asks for your love. For him. For every creature with whom we all share this planet.

So, forget about us, we’re not worth your time.

And we’re certainly not worth losing your spot in heaven, which you most certainly will if you commit the sins of living with hate in your heart and murdering your fellow man and committing suicide for with some fantasized reward in dancing in your head.

There’s no real reason to hate us. If it’s yourself that you hate, don’t. You are an amazing person created in God’s image born to love and be loved.

Shed the hate and come into the light. Your life is worth so much more then committing to hate and violence. We’re just a bunch of regular people doing our best to live our lives and love our families and act as stewards of the earth.

Let go and let live. You’ll have so much more like to do what you want and what God wants.

Why would you waste time on something you hate? The more time you give us, the more energy, the more attention, it just proves how much the issue is yours and not ours. You are hating yourself. Killing yourself. Protesting your own existence, your own choices, your own funeral...

When you hate us and kill us, you just help us along in getting the rights we have deserved all along. If you hate us so much, take us out of the spotlight. For every one of us you hurt and hate and kill, hundreds of thousands more stand up and fight.