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Letter to the Editor: politicizing the San Diego Orlando rally

The San Diego memorial rally for the victims of the Orlando attacks

[Editor's note - the "profanity and vulgar language" the writer of this letter is referring to is the statement made by LGBT activist Nicole Murray-Ramirez who said in his speech, "With all due respect to Donald Trump, it’s time for you to shut the f**k up!”]



Re: Second Orlando vigil in San Diego draws thousands to the streets of Hillcrest

Dr. Jacobs;

In light of the tragedy and the event that occurred in Orlando FL, my spouse and I have been deeply moved by it.  My husband was touched more deeply and in a personal way since he had been there [Pulse nightclub] in the past while visiting.

The event organized by "The Center" was the RIGHT thing to do.  To honor the lives of those who were destroyed by a monster.  The whole community has been touched by it and out of respect and love is what moved us to become part of this somber event as a time to reflect and grieve the loss of so many people.

I think it was wrong, distasteful and DISRESPECTFUL for the most part, to have taken advantage of this gathering to use it for political purposes and even MORE disgraceful to have to use profanity and vulgar language to try to make a point. SHAME on him [Nicole Murray-Ramirez]!  I was embarrassed to know that our city mayor had to listen to such vulgarity in front of a public audience. That shows to me NO respect for the authorities present and for the audience ~ for us who went there to grieve and to mourn. 

Losing sight of the reason of the gathering and take advantage of the sad event makes me angry.  We came with grieving and heavy hearts to mourn the death of soo many, and to hold hands to support each other as a community.  THAT should have been the ONLY focus and nothing more. 

What about reading the names of those who lost their lives, and for the victims that survive such atrocity?  What about taking the time to hold a moment of silence for the ones that did perish.  What about holding hands has a public demonstration of grieving in solidarity for those who lost their lives, and for those who survived, their family and their friends?

Also it was disappointing for all of us (thousand+ people) that did not have the opportunity to fit inside the auditorium and not able to listen to the various speakers.  Unfortunately the sound system did not work properly and nothing was done to try to correct the problem. 

Sincerely yours,

Konrad W Mayr