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Why Islamic tied terrorist attack In Orlando Is scored as a "Double Hit"

Carl DeMaio
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With over 50 dead and 53 injured, his attack on an Orlando nightclub late last night will go down as one of the worst terrorist attacks on US soil.  The suspect is Omar Mateen whose family came to the US from Afghanistan.

The media is already reporting this attack as “shocking” – it is actually not a surprise. Quite the opposite.  

The terrorists will score this one as a “double hit” because it serves a dual purpose of attacking two groups that Islamic radicals hate.

Islamic radicals hate Americans, but they hate gays even more.  

In fact, it was only a matter of time before terrorists targeted a crowded gay club in our country.

With the exception of Israel, being gay in a Middle Eastern country places you on a target list for not only discrimination, but physical attack.  Gays are stoned, thrown from tops of buildings, burned, and beat up routinely.    

The Obama Administration and partisan Democrats (including their presumptive nominee Hillary Clinton) have refused to call out “Islamic Extremism” for fueling these attacks. 

They have also refused to consider policies to improve our safety against terrorists (i.e. closing Gitmo, releasing terrorists, refusing to hit ISIS harder, opening the doors to Syrian refugees, Iranian nuclear deal, etc.)

Perhaps now that the Islamic Extremists have hit the LGBT community things will change?  Don’t hold your breath. 

Obama and friends will continue to pay lip service to protecting LGBT safety and rights, but they will remain silent about the treatment of gays in the Middle East and they will continue to play politics with the Muslim community here in the US by refusing to advance serious policies against Islamic extremists.

The far left politicians in this country say they want to protect the LGBT community from hate and discrimination.  Yet they spend their time focusing on changing policies for bathroom usage.   

If someone in the US looks the wrong way at a member of the LGBT community, Obama and Democrats cry foul loudly and demand a boycott and sanctions.  

In Iran, gays are persecuted and killed – but the Administration remains silent and gives them $150 billion in funds under the Iran nuclear deal.  

Islamic extremist are at war with America and terrorism is their weapon of choice.  Our Administration refuses to call it what it is and our media allows this narrative to continue without challenge.

Take note – San Diego has several crowded, busy gay nightclubs. 

The attack could have happened here first – and it may very well happen here if we fail to act.