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SDGLN honors those who have given their lives to protect our freedoms

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We at SDGLN and all of Hale Media wish to take a moment to remember all of our fallen heroes this Memorial Day.

Through history, the brave men and women in all branches of the military have given their lives to ensure the freedoms we share as Americans.

Recent statistics show that from 2001 to 2016 America has lost 6,883 men and women from both the “Afghanistan Coalition,” and “Operation Iraqi Freedom.”

It wasn’t until June 9, 2015, that the Defense Department updated its policy and included gays and lesbians under their protections against discrimination.  

Military men and women and their families whether gay or straight have lost many loved ones to the violence of war, and today we honor them, offering our condolences to the millions of family members still mourning their losses.

Thank you for your service.