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GOP debate felt like 'The Golden Girls' at times

Did anyone else get the feeling that they weren’t watching a presidential debate last night, but instead an episode of the “The Golden Girls?”

The Houston GOP debate aired on Thursday night and it appeared less like a conversation among presidential candidates about why they should run the world’s greatest country, but instead resembled a sitcom about four catty elderly women living Florida.

For those not familiar with 80’s sitcom “The Golden Girls,” featured four women in their twilight years living in Miami under one roof.

The situation was that each woman had their own personality which often clashed with the others in the household.

Blanche (Rue McClanahan) was the promiscuous and tawdry southern belle. Rose (Betty White), the dim-witted, storytelling shill who always had slights go over her head.

Dorothy (Bea Arthur), the bitter divorcee, who threw insults at everyone around her. And Sophia (Estelle Getty), the matriarch who tried to keep order in the house with her own forked tongue.

Last night those caricatures seemed to possess Marco Rubio, Donald Trump, Senator Cruz and Wolf Blitzer for a minute.

Rubio appeared to be channeling Rose Nylund with his meek and shy participation, trying to get his point across but falling bully to the arguments made between Trump and Cruz.

Cruz was the Blanche Devereaux with his forceful ego and air of entitlement. He never missed an opportunity to insult Trump if an opening became available.

But perhaps the most recognizable was Donald Trump with his Dorothy Zbornak impression. With each barb hurled at him from either direction, he would hit back with a clever retort complete with Dorothy’s signature facial expressions of triumph after each sting.

Here's an example of the script:

Cruz (Blanche): I believe you know politicians much better than I do, because for 40 years you've been funding liberal democratic politicians. And by the way...

Trump (Dorothy): I funded you. I funded him!

Cruz: And by the way—

Trump: I funded you. I funded this guy. I gave him a check.

Cruz: Yeah, you gave me $5,000. You can have the check back.

(play laugh track)

"This is a lot of fun up here," Trump said, and then called Blanche..er Cruz, "a basket case."

In-between Wolf Blitzer became Sophia, trying to get the candidates to control themselves once the discussion turned chaotic.

One candidate, Ben Carson begged for airtime amid the caterwauling, "Will someone attack me please?"

This was the tenth primary debate and the final face-off before season two...Super Tuesday.