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Why Water Deal is Great for San Diego

This deal will help lay the groundwork for the eventual creation of an aqueduct that will channel water from Northern to Southern California while bypassing the fragile Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta estuary.

Notes from The Center: We Will Be Free

Said Dr. Delores A. Jacobs, Chief Executive Officer of The San Diego LGBT Community Center, "If the loss itself weren’t enough, the vote spread served as a loud reminder that just a slim few are still able to obstruct justice and fairness."

Notes from The Center

As we at The Center continue to look to the future and complete our strategic planning, we want your input. Please take one of our surveys and let us know what matters to you - what you think we're doing well, what you think we could do better, what you want more of, what you think is no longer needed, what directions you think are the future of our community.

Legal Ease- How Well Do You REALLY Know Someone?

If you are concerned for your safety (or your inner judgment has your mind spinning a story that resembles bad Lifetime movie- and you’ve been cast as the star)- one option is to run a background check.

An Introduction to 51%

Women are 51% of the planet’s people. We want women to think and act more consciously about how they can be effective in their communities and how they can influence policy makers to act in the best interests of women.

Cuts Mean Sacrifice For All

Whereas past budget cuts were disproportionately absorbed by the sick, poor and elderly, the latest round ensures that more Californians will feel some inconvenience and pain.

Where is the Economic Stimulus Money?

A number of well run companies are having their lines of credit canceled even though they have been paying their banks back, on time, year after year.

Hate Crimes Bill to Become Law

Last week, the Senate agreed to final passage of legislation that included the Matthew Shepard hate crime provision, and President Obama is expected to sign it into law. This law will strengthen the ability of federal, state and local law enforcement to investigate and prosecute hate crimes.

Getting a Jump on Our Budget Challenges

Last week, before the City’s Budget and Finance Committee, I presented a timeline for a balanced budget for fiscal year 2011 – including my strong recommendation that the City Council act early in order to reduce the impact these unavoidable budget cuts will have on city services.

Legal Ease: What’s Behind the Shower Door?

Generally, California Law requires an apartment or other rental dwelling to be maintained in a condition fit for occupation. This means that the windows, doors, plumbing, electrical system, waste disposal, floors, stairways, and locks must be in good working condition.