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Watching these exhausting debates closely

Watching these exhausting debates closely.

Did you watch Tuesday night’s Democratic debate? The race to the White House for Democrats is an exhausting one, and I’m simply watching the battle on television. 

The topic of President Trump’s xenophobia and racism will dominate these debates.

Reflections on visiting a transgender woman at Otay Mesa Detention Center

Reflections on visiting a transgender woman at Otay Mesa Detention Center.

I always have plenty of time to think when I’m visiting at Otay Mesa Detention Center because getting through processing is time-consuming. I’ll spare you all the really boring details, but sitting in a room for 1 to 2 hours without a cell phone is a lesson in patience.

"Cats" isn't a great musical to begin with, but give the movie a chance

The movie adaptation of the musical Cats dropped a trailer on Thursday and is not getting the respect that the studio wanted I'm pretty sure. It was actually a full trailer and not the hype generating teaser used so often these days to tantalize the audience. I'm thinking the PR department did that anticipating people would love it. Alas, they didn't.

Volume on xenophobia and racism on blast

The first time I heard the racial trope “Go back to where you came from,” I was getting off of a school bus in a white section of town in Brooklyn, New York.

Little did I know then I’d hear those words from K through 12, and the n-word was usually coming at the end of the phrase than the beginning.

Welcome to Pride San Diego!

Welcome to Pride San Diego!

We are about to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots that gave birth to the international Pride movement.

We don’t have Pride because we’re free. We have Pride because we’re not. Our collective efforts all year round now culminate in the creation of intentional space for our community where for a weekend, a day, a few hours, or a moment - our people can revel in joy.

The bleaching of Stonewall

"On the first night of Stonewall, many of us who went to the Village did so to retrieve our loved ones and leave."

The theme this Pride month is “Looking back, Loving forward. This week leads up to the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots that took place from June 27 to 29, 1969, in the Greenwich Village section of NYC.

The event is well-known because it galvanized LGBTQ+ activist organizations and movements here and abroad.

Take a stand for the Equality Act

On June 26, six years ago, the Supreme Court ruled to restore the freedom to marry in California. On June 26, 4 years ago, the Supreme Court ruled and brought full federal marriage equality to the nation.

The Pulse of Our Movement

On the first day of Pride month, yet another transgender asylum seeker died after neglect in ICE custody. Her name was Johana Medina Leon.