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PRESS RELEASE: DeMaio Campaign Demands Apology After Scott Peters Caught Demeaning Historic "Equality Candidates"


San Diego - In a stunning demonstration of insensitivity and hypocrisy, Congressman Scott Peters is caught on video making demeaning comments about three historic "equality candidates" who are fighting to make the Republican Party more inclusive.

Peters attacked not only his openly gay opponent Carl DeMaio, but San Diego's openly gay lesbian District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis and female African-American congressional candidate Mia Love. The video comes just weeks after Scott Peters was criticized for promoting a blog post on his campaign website that used the gay-slang term "Mary" to refer to his opponent.

"Scott Peters should be ashamed of and immediately apologize for his demeaning comments about women, LGBT and African American candidates," said Carl DeMaio. "No matter how many disparaging comments Scott Peters makes, I'm proud to join with Bonnie Dumanis and Mia Love as we take on our own political party to make it more inclusive of all communities in this country," DeMaio continued.

"Who does she have lunch with!?"

- Scott Peters on lesbian District Attorney, attempting to paint Bonnie Dumanis as an outcast

"They also don't have any African Americans. They are going to

get one in Mia Love who is just a real right-wing person."

- Scott Peters on female African-American candidate

"Now he says "Well I'm a gay man..." and around the country

where people don't know him they completely buy it...he's

gotten all puff pieces about how this great new moderate gay

Republican is coming out and running for office."

- Scott Peters on his gay opponent

View the unedited video of Scott Peters demeaning remarks HERE.

The video also catches Scott Peters saying something DeMaio's camp actually agrees with - notably that Carl DeMaio is making progress in taking on his own political party. "The Republicans in DC love this. They think 'WOW, this guy is going to change our party!'" DeMaio's response: "On this point, I agree with Scott: it is absolutely true that I am taking on my own political party to be more inclusive, and it's working. It is sad to see Scott Peters demean and diminish those important efforts."

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As a matter of full disclosure, Hale Media Publisher Johnathan Hale has a personal relationship with Carl DeMaio.