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PRESS RELEASE: Middle class Democrats and Independents endorse DeMaio


San Diego - Building on the bipartisan support his campaign demonstrated in Tuesday's primary election results, Carl DeMaio today announced co-chairs and names of over 100 neighborhood leaders of his Middle Class Democrats and Independents Coalition - with members in every single neighborhood of the 52nd Congressional District.

"It's time to look beyond party labels to find good ideas to solve problems," said DeMaio. "Whether an idea comes from a Democrat or a Republican, I'm happy to work with anyone to get San Diegans back to work and make our government work again," committed DeMaio.

"I support Carl DeMaio because he has shown he is willing to work across party lines to get things done," said Bee Snider - a Democrat who lives in Poway.

"Carl DeMaio fights for the middle class and has shown he is willing to take on the powerful interests in both political parties to serve the public's interest," said Nancy Croissant - an Independent who lives in Pacific Beach.

"I support Carl DeMaio because he's the only San Diego politician who tells us the truth," said Dick Katz - a Democrat who lives in Rancho Bernardo.

"There is nothing bipartisan about Scott Peters when all he can point is support from a few token Republicans who come from the top 1% of wealthy individuals who he hangs out with at his country club and votes to benefit at the expense of the middle class like us," said Brittanie Anderson - a Democrat who lives in Ocean Beach.

DeMaio has a record of advancing ideas that have won support from across the political spectrum. On the City Council, DeMaio's ideas were implemented repeatedly on bipartisan votes - including his Small Business Regulatory Relief proposal, his Sunshine Act for government transparency, and numerous cost-efficiency ideas in his budget proposals. The Pension Reform Ballot Initiative that garnered him national attention won every single Council District and also won a majority of votes from Democrats, Republicans and Independents in the June 2012 election. To learn more about Carl DeMaio and his campaign for Congress, visit www.CarlDeMaio.com.


Middle Class Democrats and Independents Coalition


Brittany Anderson (D)
Deborah Fleck (D)
Beatrice Snider (D)
Nancy Mendiburu (D)
Janell Chavez-Riley (D)
Nancy Nobel (I)
Paul Kassel (I)


Ocean Beach

Brittany Anderson (D)
Karen Beadreau (I)
Gracie DeHuff (D)
Maureen Knight (D)
Richard Gardner (I)
Tracey Kite (D)
Harvey Hilton (D)

Pacific Beach

Nancy Nobel (I)

Mission Beach

Peggy Bengel (D)
Mary Swenson (D)
Kris Peterson (D)

Carmel Mountain

Diana Ferguson (I)

University City

David Bisson (I)
Gertrude Duffy (D)

La Jolla

MacKinzie Amadon (D)
Kevin Bertrand (D)
William Leslie (I)
Jett Watson (I)
Daniel Morton (I)
Sandra Bracklow (D)
Tarja Theiss (D)

Carmel Valley

Lynn Truong (D)
John Fitzsimons (D)
Joanne Holland (I)
Milan Mueller (D)

Del Cerro

Jessica Myers (I)
Paul Edwards (I)


Shivani Ballesteros (D)
Karon Jarrard (D)
Jack Thorpe (D)
Chase Kassel (I)
Robert Shedaker (D)
Janis Crookham Russell (D)


Beatrice Snider (D)
Mary K. Collings (D)
Daniel Ambile (D)
Richard Gatti (D)
Deann Wood (D)
Shaun Budd (I)
Michael Barlow (I)
Cheryl Louie (I)
Walter Menck (D)

Point Loma

Mallory Campbell (D)
Jacob Schultz (D)
Francisco Daniel (D)
Elaine Cooluris (D)
Kathleen Grimes (D)
William Fitzgerald (D)

Rancho Penasquitos

Heidi Kelley (D)
Patricia Vail (D)
Natalie Vail (D)
Robert Vail (D)
James Standard (I)
Glen Turnage (D)
Flyod Lovorn (I)

Kearny Mesa

Shannon Killebrew (D)


Gay Cruikshank (D)
Roy Riesgo (D)
Angela Elfman (I)

Mira Mesa

Russell Cain (D)
Lilian Huerta (D)

Rancho Bernardo

James Coullahan (D)
Molly Larson (D)
Sandra Kradle (D)
Jean Voegele (D)
Dorothy Stevick (D)
Dennis Koob (D)
Marjorie Shaw (D)
Deborah Fleck (D)
Richard Katz (D)
Teri Denlinger (I)
Maria Medina (D)
James Willis (D)
Gail Golik (I)
Ben Franchi (I)
Paul Schatz (I)
Judith Ashcroft (I)
Dwight Schwebke (I)
Robert Prestia (I)


Sheila Johnson (D)
Ronald Waters (D)
William Largent (D)
Elsie Haake (D)
Shirla Geschke (D)
Margaret Brennan (D)
Janet Tiger (I)
Joel Le Blanc (D)
William Silverthorn (D)
Gaetano Balisteri (D)
Jacki Booth (D)
Morris Ritchie (D)
Janet Tiger (I)
Richard Eliopoulos (I)

Sabre Springs

Darlene Barker (I)

Scripps Ranch

Larry Swikard (I)
Delma Stone (D)
Patricia Lamar (D)
Ronald Amundson (I)
Doris Cullins (D)
Sandra Helmantoler (D)

* * *

As a matter of full disclosure, Hale Media Publisher Johnathan Hale has a personal relationship with Carl DeMaio.