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PRESS RELEASE: DeMaio win sends national message for solutions and inclusion


Carl DeMaio's solid margin of victory in the June 3 primary election sends a national message that San Diegans are fed up and frustrated with broken politics in Washington.

Full Text of DeMaio's Victory Speech

Thank you!! Wow, what a night!

This election tonight is not just about winning ONE congressional seat.

Tonight’s win sends a national message to the Republican Party – San Diegans are fed up and frustrated. We want the party to return to its TRADITIONAL roots of standing up for the personal freedoms – where we allow individuals to decide social issues in the context of their own personal views on faith and family without interference from their government.

By rejecting the extremes on both sides of the political spectrum, we have an opportunity to focus on the issues that matter to San Diegans and all Americans: fixing the national fiscal crisis, getting people back to work, and holding government accountable for results.

We need to look no further than the shocking news stories in the past few weeks on the poor treatment of our veterans to see why we must demand accountability from our government.

I’m not in this for a title or a job. I left a successful career in business and I entered politics because I got frustrated with establishment politicians from both political parties who tried to cover up the financial crisis right here in San Diego and were unwilling to make tough decisions to fix our problems.

I have been willing to ruffle the feathers of powerful special interest groups AND TAKE ON MY OWN PARTY when needed because we must be honest about our problems and be courageous about the solutions to fix them.

Some in the national media think my candidacy is unique because of who I love and who I choose to spend my life with. I completely disagree.

My candidacy is unique because I’m running on a record of getting substantial reform done in government. We got an ambitious “Reform Agenda” implemented here in San Diego by bringing Democrats and Republicans together – and all those in between – to look beyond labels and not care about who got the credit.

Working together we saved this city from the brink of bankruptcy. I know we can do the same in Washington!

By running for Congress as a “new Generation Republican” I am challenging the party to do four things:

First, we must become more inclusive – and reach out to all communities to listen to their struggles and represent their hopes and dreams. Republicans must stand up and speak out for ALL of our diverse communities: Latinos, African Americans, Asians, Women, Youth, working families, and yes…the LGBT community.

Second, stop being the party of “NO.” The whole notion of the “Reform Agenda” is that we must make government work again. We cannot just point out problems, we must also offer common-sense solutions to every issue facing the country – and be willing to vote “YES” to actually get things done.

Third, we must refocus on the issues that unite, rather than the issues that divide.

Fourth and finally, we must lead by example. We must Fix Congress First – and demand that Congress live under the same laws they expect the rest of us to live under.

We have much work to do. I want to thank so many whose hard work got us where we are tonight. First, to the voters who supported us – thank you! Second, to those voters and candidates who did not support us on this round – I hope to earn your faith, trust and support going gorward. Third, to an outstanding campaign team – the best I have ever worked with! And finally to my family – sister susan, brother chris, and my partner johnathan.

When I first announced my candidacy for Congress, I did not know what kind of reception these ideas would receive in Washington or across the country.

But tonight, through their votes, San Diegans have resoundingly spoken in favor of this approach. I promise to take your voice to Washington so the entire nation can hear it and we can begin to really fix the problems facing our country.

* * *

As a matter of full disclosure, Hale Media Publisher Johnathan Hale has a personal relationship with Carl DeMaio.