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Letter to the community: Let's meet about bike lane on University Avenue

(Editor's note: This letter to the community was written by Chris Shaw, president of DCSS, parent company of Urban Mo's, Baja Betty's, Gossip Grill and Hillcrest Brewing Company.)

Dear Neighbor,

Did you know that SANDAG has plans to put a bike lane down University Avenue? There were three proposed routes, Washington Street, Robinson Avenue and University Avenue. The University Avenue route has been selected as the favorite route and has gone to the next phase of engineering.

If this happens 80% of the parking will be lost from Front Street to Sixth Avenue. According to current plans all of the parking spaces going westbound will be removed; yes ALL the spaces will be gone. Going eastbound half the spaces from Front Street to Fourth Avenue will be removed and all the spaces from Fourth Avenue to Sixth Avenue will be removed. This will be a HUGE loss of parking for a five-block area, projected 91 parking spaces lost in Hillcrest. It will have a devastating impact on all of our business. There is also a plan to close the Mission Hills Washington-University transition to through traffic.

We all need to band together as a group and make our voices heard; I have been attending the meetings and voicing my opinion but to no avail. I would like to schedule a meeting with University business owners/managers for Thursday, Feb. 13, at 2 pm at Urban Mo's so we can formulate a plan of action. If you can't make the meeting, please pick up the phone and call or email the Hillcrest Business Association, Todd Gloria's office and SANDAG to voice your concerns.

Hillcrest Business Association 619-299-3330 Sonya Stauffer sonya@hillcrestbia.org

Todd Gloria's office is 619-236-6633 toddgloria@sandiego.gov

SANDAG office is Beth Robrahn 619-699-1900 Beth.Robrahn@sandag.org

SANDAG info can be obtained at:




Chris Shaw