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Response to Mayor’s Proposed Budget Cuts

The Mayor’s proposed budget reductions are painful; however they are not as much of a fatal blow to the city’s workers and services as they could have been.

Creating Family

The conversation has moved toward a discussion of G-spots. Some of the freshmen heterosexual girls that call this place home begin to giggle.

Finding and Expressing Gratitude

Some say thankfulness is hard to find after a year like the last one; I respectfully disagree.


In every discussion of politics, it’s imperative that those who claim they aren’t political see that there is no escaping the political.

A Conservative Ethic- Why I Voted YES on 8

I didn't know until nearly a year after the Prop. 8 vote that the rights, privileges and benefits given to marriages and those given to civil unions are not equal. Quite frankly, this knowledge would not have changed my vote.

Reforming Health Care: Why We Must Stand With ChoiceCa

Health care reform as currently crafted could stand to improve the lives of the greatest number of LGBT Americans in decades and parlay as a watershed civil rights victory for years to come.

News from Todd Gloria

Two meetings this week focused on your input are highlighted below.

We all must pay for emergency services

As California endures painful budget cuts and waits for its economy to recover, the threat of wildfires continues without regard to unemployment figures or economic forecasts.

San Diego Shoots to Score in World Cup Bid

The economic impact that the World Cup games generates cannot be overstated. Hosting an event of this magnitude means 5,000-8,000 local jobs, potentially $350-$500 million in tourism revenue and a national economic impact of over $6 billion.

Vatican Bans Gays, But E.T. Is OK?

According to the Catholic News Service 30 high-level scientists from across the world met at the Vatican Observatory Nov. 6-10 to consider the possibility of alien life.