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An update from Father Joe's Villages on current efforts around coronavirus 

While there is no known infection among the homeless community in San Diego, Father Joe’s Villages is prepared to respond to the complex health needs of people on the streets. The homeless service provider is currently devoting its resources to collaborating with partners at the City and County of San Diego and will remain up-to-date on ongoing news related to the spread. 

Warren’s disconnection to her black Cambridge voters

Warren’s disconnection to her black Cambridge voters.

However, I knew her hesitation and frustration. Like many black Cantabrigians, there was no outreach by Warren or her campaign to a community historically identified as loyal voters. 

A letter from our publisher about: Carl DeMaio

A letter from our publisher about: Carl DeMaio.

I’ve never seen someone work harder than my husband Carl DeMaio fight for the things he believes in and in service of his constituents.

I am proud that Carl has been a change-maker in so many ways - including in the fight for equality for all (I will be publishing an editorial covering these issues soon).

Vote with Pride

Vote with Pride,

Today is primary election day, and we know that the results of this election will have huge impacts on the general election and our community for years to come.

Letter to the Editor: Bernie Sanders is our wake up call

Letter to the Editor: Bernie Sanders is our wake up call.

They say down south don’t speak of religion sex or politics. I moved to California so I could, The thing is politics affects every part of our lives if we like it or not. I am a part of several marginalized groups that have traditionally had to shut up and take it, to tow the line and wait my turn.

Celebrate black excellence

Celebrate black excellence.

For the past several years our country has seen a rise in hate speech and violence. Most at risk are the people whose lives rest at the intersection of multiple marginalized identities.

Rusticucina now open on Park Blvd in Hillcrest

Formerly Sirens, and before that, Pardon Our French, 3797 Park Boulevard has seen its fair share of restaurant purveyors vying to make their mark on the desirable neighborhood space, while Hillcrest dwellers have been aching for something to finally stick.