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Be seen in 2010 - complete your census

For the first time in history, the U.S. Bureau of the Census will capture data on same-sex married and unmarried households. An important policy change no doubt, but without a culturally intuitive education campaign to match, “hard to count” populations like the LGBT community may relegate their Census to the recycling bin.

Open letter to the community from San Diego Pride's Board of Directors

In an immediate response to bring the Pride Board up in numbers we will be adding three interim board members and one candidate to the Pride roster. A formal announcement about those individuals will be made in the coming week.

Don’t be scammed in an effort to help

Charities have fundraising and administrative costs so be wary of any claims that 100 percent of your donation will assist relief victims.

Legal Ease: Changes to DUI law

This year, 2010, brings a startling change to people arrested for DUI in San Diego County. Gone are the days where an arrest merely placed you in a holding cell for six to eight hours and released thereafter without more.