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Make LGBT characters on TV more reflective of our community

Yes, television executives are to be applauded for adding LGBT characters to their shows. But they need to make those characters more human, and less stereotypical, so the straight world can see us for the rich, vibrant community that we are.

Op Ed: Baylor’s Kenneth Starr – A step backward to the future?

This had to be some sort of sick joke. Surely this man, the current lead counsel in the Proposition 8 defense before the California Supreme Court - the proposition that I along with many of my friends have worked so tirelessly to have repealed - wasn’t going to become the newly elected president of my alma mater.

Apprentices offer lessons of hope

We can all learn a lesson from these bright young people who will drive the engine of California’s economy in the future. California is still “The Golden State” - an amazing place with a gross domestic product that ranks it higher than many countries in the world. We are a bastion of creativity and ideas that puts us in the forefront of many industries. San Diego is its own microcosm of this ideal where the military, manufacturing, tourism and biotechnology sectors pump billions of dollars into our local economy.

Obama addresses unemployment problem

Even though our economy is growing again, these are still tough times for America. Too many businesses are still shuttered. Too many families can’t make ends meet. And while yesterday, we learned that the unemployment rate has dropped below 10 percent for the first time since summer, it is still unacceptably high – and too many Americans still can’t find work.

Legal Ease: A higher standard becoming of you

Having the great fortune of being able to contribute to SDGLN, I often find myself contemplating what to write, what legal hints and advice should be dispersed to the community, and what would be a benefit to readers.

Focus on the Familia

People ask what that magic word or phrase is that will move Latinos so we can win the next marriage vote. As a Latino working in the marriage field and the son of a family that worked in the fields, I’m here to tell you it’s all about family.