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COMMENTARY: Liz and Mary Cheney: Real feud or Cheney family machinations?

When Mary Cheney first spoke out back in September against her older sister's position opposed to marriage equality, I must admit I suspected this spat might possibly be contrived. Liz Cheney, in yet another arrogant action by a Cheney family member, decided to move to Wyoming and try to topple sitting GOP Sen. Mike Enzi, who's running for reelection next year. Coming from the Washington, D.C., suburbs, Liz needed to establish herself as a moral crusader in deep red Wyoming. What better way than to have a public feud over "family values" with her little sister who is married to a woman and raising two children? And Mary has always thought nothing of stabbing fellow LGBT people in the back, helping to elect GOP candidates with anti-gay positions. Could any of us put such deception past any Cheney?

Dick and Lynn Cheney have been gunning for anyone who gets in Liz's way. Lynn took down good old family friend, former Wyoming Sen. Alan Simpson, reportedly telling him to "shut up" after he publicly supported Enzi, and then, according to Simpson, lying about it. If indeed it's not all staged then we're to believe that the Cheneys are not only attacking loyal friends; they're throwing one daughter under the bus to help another.

Not a pretty picture either way!

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