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PRESS RELEASE: Nathan Fletcher breaks positive campaign pledge ... again


SAN DIEGO -- Only two weeks after Nathan Fletcher’s last denunciation of smear tactics on October 26, Fletcher supporters have sent out another political mailer attacking Councilman David Alvarez - with more in the queue.

“Apparently with less than two weeks until Election Day, Nathan and his friends are getting desperate and will try anything it takes to stop their slide in the polls, including once again breaking his positive campaign pledge to voters,” said Gabriel Solmer, Alvarez for Mayor Campaign Manager.

Following the money trail, the negative campaign mail piece was paid for by the Neighborhood Marketplace Association. According to the latest campaign disclosure, on November 7, the Neighborhood Marketplace Association received a $150,000 contribution from Restoring Trust in San Diego, a committee supporting Nathan Fletcher. Today, this negative piece landed in voter mailboxes affirming the campaign funding shell game was directed at attacking Alvarez.

“Why did they move money from the organization publicly supporting Nathan to this one? Did they do it to keep the public from knowing who is really behind a cheap shot against David?” Ms. Solmer continued. “These are the type of deceitful tactics that voters are sick and tired of and we all deserve better.”

“This broken campaign pledge and lack of transparency follows a pattern of misinformation and side-stepping on issues that has come to be expected from Nathan and his campaign,” added Ms. Solmer.

At last count, the San Diego Registrar of Voters stated that close to 98,000 ballots from approximately 365,000 absentee voters have already been returned.

“Almost one hundred thousand people voted based on information they had on the candidates. Will Nathan denounce these negative ads or is he ok that he lied to those who have already cast their ballot?” concluded Ms. Solmer.

For more information on Councilmember David Alvarez’s race for Mayor, visit: www.AlvarezforMayor.com