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COMMENTARY: Intolerance in America is as high as the debt ceiling

I was informed this past week that because I was a liberal, I could not possibly be an American. I’ve was told that since I’m a lesbian, I can’t possibly be a Christian.

Well, well, well. Imagine my surprise.

There was a time in this nation when we could disagree with one another politically and still work for the common good.

There was also a time when we might not understand a person being gay, but we simply let them live their lives in relative peace, knowing they were simply trying to make their way in a world the same as everyone.

Not today, and not in this hostile environment where tolerance is certainly not something that is taught in millions of homes in America.

Facebook has page after page after page of hate-filled political rhetoric: “Conservatives Against Obama’s Liberal Agenda,” “The Angry Conservative – Truth liberals Hate.” “Christian, Conservative, Patriot and Not Afraid” spew more hatred toward President Barack Obama than I ever thought possible. They want him impeached – for what I’m not quite sure and I’m not sure that they know why either. And I don’t believe they quite get that if President Obama leaves, they will then have President Joe Biden – a Democrat, a liberal – Oh, yes, he’s not an American if he’s a liberal, so he couldn’t possible serve.

An 11-year-old boy was convicted on Friday of conspiracy to commit first-degree murder because he found a fifth-grade female classmate “annoying.” He came to school with a .45-caliber semi-automatic pistol and a full ammunition magazine, and a knife. He hatched this plan with a friend, and they were going to kill this little girl because she was “annoying.” Where on Earth would he come to this conclusion? This “I’m gonna kill her” conclusion. When did we start teaching our children that it was better, easier and simply OK to go and kill someone? And at age 11? Really?

Could it be that this is what this young boy sees in his everyday life? This anger and hatred and this “Let’s just get rid of them” attitude that seems to permeate the air these days. This “I’m right – you’re wrong – and let’s not compromise about anything” that is our United States Government at this moment in time.

I won’t even go into the issues of where he got the gun and the knife … We all know the answers.

And when did someone who calls himself an “angry conservative Christian” become God’s chosen vessel to pick and choose who is or is not a Christian? Last I knew, Jesus taught love – love – love.

I wonder how much hatred there would be if our President was not a black man. I want to believe the color of his skin does not matter, but honestly I know that is does.

Then again, I’m a lesbian and a Democrat. They say I’m not an American, so my voice just doesn’t matter on any level to them.

SDGLN Contributor Barb Hamp Weicksel was born in 1952 in Pennsylvania and moved to California in the early 1980s, where she met her partner Susan. They've been together some 30 years and share the love of Susan's four children, nine grandchildren and four great-grandchildren. Her blog, Barb's Gift of Gab, can be found HERE.