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Letter to the editor: Republican lawyers condemn mayor’s removal of City Attorney representative

The San Diego Republican Lawyers denounce Mayor Bob Filner’s outrageous action in ordering his police detail to remove a ranking official from the City Attorney’s Office from a closed-session City Council meeting.

“Mayor Filner’s heavy-handed conduct was arbitrary, bizarre, and unlawful,” said President Ryan T. Darby. “The presence of a City Attorney representative is legally required at all Council meetings, and the mayor cannot avoid that just because he’s in a bad mood.”

Municipal Code section 22.0301 provides: The City Attorney, or one of his deputies, shall attend all meetings of the Council, and upon invitation, shall attend any meetings of any Council committee.

“The City Attorney serves the critical role of vetting the legality of city policy,” said Darby. “Subjugating this duty to the mayor’s mood swings and personal grudges is more fitting of a banana republic than America’s Finest City.”

The Republican Lawyers request that the mayor issue an apology and a statement demonstrating a commitment to strive toward greater civility and cooperation in municipal government.

(The San Diego Republican Lawyers’ mission is to promote fair and transparent elections, and encourage fraternity among and career opportunities for Republican legal professionals. They host regular events aimed toward educating and mobilizing Republican members of the legal community. They are chartered by the Republican National Lawyers Association and recognized by the Republican Party of San Diego County.)