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COMMENTARY: The culture of homophobia in Nigeria

Nigerian culture is a multifaceted mix of tradition and conflicting tensions with contemporary Western life. Growing up in Nigeria, I was immersed in this culture, and I was taught not to question this culture that generations before me had spent years building in other to "strengthen" the social and cultural fabric of Nigeria. One of these cultures is one of homophobia.

No one ever spoke about gay issues in Nigeria; it was simply an accepted fact that homosexuality was an aberration from morality, and gay people were therefore treated as second-class citizens. My high school was simply a microcosm of this homophobic culture. If you were homosexual or engaged in homosexual activities, you were instantly expelled.

I never questioned this homophobic culture, because I was not expected to, but coming to Canada and being immersed in their culture of acceptance and equality, I began to dare myself to push cultural boundaries and break out of social conformity. I rebelled against everything I knew, and for the first time I was armed with the information I needed to make my own decision. My newfound courage, birthed out of a need for understanding and a fear of ignorance, gave me a whole new perspective on homosexuality.

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