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Open letter to Uptown Planners regarding Interim Height Ordinance extension

Dear Leo Wilson and the Uptown Planners,

This Tuesday, June 4, I understand that the an Interim Height Ordinance (IHO) extension will be on the agenda for the Uptown Planners to consider. I believe the IHO is being brought before the Uptown Planners, eight months prior to its expiration, in an attempt by certain organization(s) to hijack the community planning process.

Community discussion about the extension has not yet begun. It is too early for the Uptown Planners to take a position without adequate community discussion and input. As you know from the last round of discussion, much (if not most) of the community is against the IHO, or desires a modified version.

I do not support an extension of the IHO as currently written. It does not promote good urban design or place-making. Unfortunately, I am out of town and am unable to attend the Uptown Planners meeting to voice my opposition. I hope you will note my opposition in my absence at the June 4 meeting.

I also propose an amendment to the IHO that would require a MINIMUM 30 foot building height. A 30 foot minimum building height would guard against single story, suburban architecture common to retail chains and/or strip malls. A minimum building height in the Uptown commercial areas would help promote better design and better place-making in Uptown.

Please note my proposed amendment of a minimum 30 foot building height, and my opposition to the IHO as currently written. Thank you very much.


Walter Chambers
Great Streets San Diego and a Hillcrest resident