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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Remembering Peter Rauhofer

Dear Mr. Ken Williams,

I loved your article in SDGLN regarding Peter Rauhofer. It was poignant, and meaningful.

As a fan, and friend of Peter, I had the honor of his presence, graciousness, and hearing his genius music production.

I shared dinner with Peter through friends, and I was always welcome in his booth. At one of Peter's last times spinning Roxy Classics in NYC Peter called my name, welcomed me in his DJ booth. We spoke, he gave me a Roxy Classics tank top to wear that night (if I so wished). We laughed knowingly.

I knew then it might be the last time Peter and I would see each other. I hugged Peter, and humbly said thank you. Peter will always be a gentleman to me, and those who really knew him. I am a fan yes, however he was always gracious to me.

Once in Orlando I took two friends by the hand on a journey they told me would never forget. As we got closer to Peter's booth they began to realize where we were going. Peter motioned security to let us pass, and up. We were welcomed with smiles, and pictures. As we left Peter touched my arm privately with his thick Austrian accent said, "Gerald just no Facebook with the pictures." That is until Peter approved, which he did soon thereafter.

Attached are the Lady GaGa sunglasses I made replicated from the "Telephone" music video. I wore them, as did many friends for laughs to Peter's Birthday Bash 2010 in NYC. I write this to you as way of sharing good times, and remembrance of Peter Rauhofer a dear and loving man, and soul.

Gerald Equality Taylor