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COMMENTARY: Building bridges in District 4

Editors note: Following Tuesday night's City of San Diego special election, Dwayne Crenshaw and Myrtle Cole - who are both vying for the District 4 city council seat - will advance to a run-off election, which will be scheduled within 49 days.

It’s no secret that I get excited about things and invest myself it something very much.

Most recently I have been working to help Dwayne Crenshaw win election to the open Fourth District City Council seat.

Despite the fact that he is the executive director of San Diego LGBT Pride, many LGBT people don’t know that we have the opportunity to elect not only another LGBT person to the city council, but an African-American man as well.

Crenshaw winning would be a historical election for our community, which has worked hard over the years to build bridges with and within the African-American and LGBT communities. District Four has a vibrant and active African-American community, and I am excited to have had the opportunity to work there and learn about their issues. This is a community in Southeast San Diego that voted 66 percent in favor of Proposition 8, even though it is heavily Democratic.

Electing someone like Crenshaw could really begin to change the narrative that exists about the way the African-American and LGBT communities relate and work together. We need more elected officials who are also people of color. It is an important voice that has very rarely been given a place at the table.

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