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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: LCR questions GOP's defense of DOMA

(Editor's note: House Republicans decided this week to incorporate ongoing counsel to uphold the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) into the new Congressional Rules. To date, the House Republicans had spend about $2 million in taxpayer money to defend DOMA in court. The Justice Department and the Obama Administration believes DOMA is unconstitutional and refused to defend the law in court. Ten courts have ruled that parts of DOMA are unconstitutional, and one case has now reached the U.S. Supreme Court for review in March.)?

At a time when sound fiscal policy should be front-and-center, diverting taxpayer funds to defend the Federal Defense of Marriage Act should not be a priority, period.

But the beltway buzz about Congressional Rules ignores the big picture: This debate would be nonexistent if DOMA was repealed.

Following a week in which Republican Congressmen Richard Hanna and Charlie Bass joined Republican Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen in support of the Respect for Marriage Act and DOMA repeal, we urge the Republican Congress to focus on our core tenets of small government and avoid engaging in distracting social issues that do nothing more than provide political fodder to the left.

Gregory T. Angelo
Interim executive director
Log Cabin Republicans