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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Join moment of silence Friday morning for Newtown victims

At 9:30 am EST Friday morning there will be a Moment of Silence -- a few moments of silence. That will be 6:30 am PST and you can be assured I will be up for it.

There are SO MANY Issues of importance today. Fiscal cliff? Yes! Wars? Yes! Violence? Yes! Poverty? Yes! Homelessness? Yes! Greed? Yes!

Somehow what we DON'T seem to have an abundance of is .... unity, love, empathy, compassion or a common bond. At some point we must stop the tearing apart the fabric of this Once Great Nation. Why does it take a horrific bloodshed such as Newtown, Connecticut or 9/11 to suddenly come together? For prayer at a school to be "permissible"? The "prayer vigil" attended by President Obama on Sunday night was held in a high school gymnasium ... Why did 20 first-graders have to DIE for that to suddenly become a non-issue?

I, like many others, have watched hours and hours of news reports of these events. Numerous teachers, parents and police openly admitting to "praying" during the attack in Connecticut. One teacher openly admitted that she, believing that death was imminent, hugged the face of each child and told them "I love you" -- knowing full well it was breaking at least THREE school policies .... and so far I haven't heard of one lawsuit filed.

Please think about stopping for a moment Friday morning -- making it a point to join the chorus. There IS an undeniable generative effect of GOOD IF we only DO IT. Imagine for a moment what it must have felt like holding one of these 26 signs for this poignant memorial song? We can ALL do Something, can't we?

Live Consciously - Love Unconditionally - Carpe Diem

Marc Lindshield
Kaysville, Utah