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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: More on Hillcrest Mardi Gras

"The Hillcrest Business Association (HBA) board of directors recently voted to conclude its work on Hillcrest Mardi Gras. Hillcrest Mardi Gras has been a collaborative event produced by many volunteers and community groups. The HBA and the Greater San Diego Business Association Foundation (GSDBAF) have been two of the prominent players in producing this event. By stepping out of this event the HBA also is stepping away from the many disputes that have surrounded the event.

Does the fact that the HBA has stepped away mean the event won’t continue? Of course Hillcrest Mardi Gras can continue. There are many players who produce Mardi Gras and the HBA is one small part of the event. I, and the HBA board, welcome a new and re-invigorated Mardi Gras produced by community activists from the GSDBAF and beyond. We are excited to see how the event continues to grow.

For its part HBA board has, and will continue to do, what it believes is best for the community of Hillcrest. The HBA will take on projects that help build the community and draw it together; such as the recent Pride Flag and the ongoing Farmers Market. "

Benjamin Nicholls
Executive eirector
Hillcrest Business Association
San Diego, Calif.