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COMMENTARY: Maneuvering for newly vacated District 4 council seat

Just when people thought the election cycle was over, the San Diego City Council majority we worked so hard to attain will be put on hold as current Council President Tony Young has decided to step down to take a post as the CEO of the local Red Cross.

District 4, Young’s district, is a diverse area in Southeast San Diego. It has an active African-American population and Young and his predecessor are both African-American. This is a perspective and ethnicity we should ensure remains represented on our council. We also must ensure that whoever takes over for Young is also a strong supporter of full equality.

While many have said this is a more socially conservative district and one that voted against Proposition 8 in 2008, it is still a heavily leaning Democrat district – the most recent numbers from the County Registrar of Voters have it at 53 percent registered Democrat – and there is no better opportunity than now to change the narrative of the district.

Similar to Assemblymember Ben Hueso getting elected to District 8 as a strong supporter of equality despite the socially conservative Latino base in his district, a new progressive Democrat voice can and should be expected to be elected to District 4 in the 2013 special election.

There are a number of candidates already vying for this position, but most give pause for concern.

Read the full commentary in SDGLN media partner, Gay San Diego, HERE. The writer makes the case why Dwayne Crenshaw, executive director of San Diego Pride, would make an excellent candidate.