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Fred Karger: U. S. Supreme Court rejects NOM’s bid to break Maine’s election law

WASHINGTON – The United States Supreme Court rebuffed the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) today in its attempt to violate the longstanding campaign reporting requirements by the State of Maine. By refusing to hear NOM’s appeal of an earlier federal court decision, the Supreme Court once again upheld its view of transparency in campaign disclosure laws.

Statement by Fred Karger, who filed the original money laundering complaint against NOM in Maine in 2009

“Exactly three years ago today on October 1, 2009, during the last Maine election on marriage equality, I testified before the Maine Commission on Governmental Ethics and Election Practices in Augusta and asked the Commission to investigate the National Organization for Marriage for money laundering. NOM was asking for contributions in numerous emails and direct mail to its supporters and assured these potential contributors that their names would never be disclosed. That was a clear violation of Maine’s reporting laws. After closely following NOM in California and other states I knew that they were breaking Maine’s election law.

Today, thanks to the incredible work of the Maine Attorney General’s Office and the Maine Commission on Governmental Ethics and Election Practices, the United States Supreme Court agreed. NOM must obey the election laws of that state.

Now NOM is at it again in four states, including Maine, that will be voting on the freedom to marry November 6th. NOM’s political operative Frank Schubert is again running all the campaigns and NOM is funding them. The voters in Washington, Minnesota, Maryland and Maine should be aware of NOM’s lies and should reject Schubert’s continued campaigns of deceit during the next five weeks.”


Brian Brown’s two depositions in the Maine case reveal the full extent of NOM’s involvement in all the gay marriage battles around the country and just how untruthful NOM’s president is. We’ve posted both depositions on our web site.

Brown’s sworn and notarized affidavit that he presented at the hearing three years ago in Maine is below. In it he swore that NOM did not raise money specifically for the Maine election. How do you spell perjury?

(This was submitted by Fred Karger, who ran for the presidential nomination for the Republican Party.)