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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Amid Chick-fil-A outrage, a question of tolerance is raised

(Editor's note: This letter was sent to an SDGLN staffer by a lifelong friend since high school. The friend has been a staunch supporter and ally for many years of the staffer, but is also a devout Christian. The recent backlash against Chick-fil-A because of their CEO's public admissions to being anti-gay, caused this LGBT ally to question tolerance on either side. We thought it would be good to expose a larger audience to the feelings of this ally and to open a dialogue about the harsh reaction the LGBT community has had towards the CEO of Chik-fil-A. A pseudonym is being used.)

Dear [Staffer],

Christ said to love your neighbor as yourself ... and I try to do that.

I am not homophobic in the least as you know.

[But] if I believe in the Bible, I have been just put up on the chopping block now.

Tolerance from the gay community has ended, yet the gay community expect others to be tolerant of them or they get ostrasized, boycotted etc. ... the very thing the Gay community used to get "full on" years back, they are now doing to those who disagree with them.

There seems to be no tolerance for individual opinion, individual belief, individual thinking any longer. A person cannot be wrong and be accepted in the Gay community ... It truly is ... if you do not follow our Gay way, you are a bigot ... and we will crush you.

And here I sit ... not a political party person, not a religious zealot, not a politician lover, not an activist in any way, [just] a person who loves God and believes in the salvation of Jesus Christ, but since Chick-fil-A said ... the Bible says ... etc.,

The Gay community has attacked a business of people who love gay people, but, they are also deeply rooted in the Bible and its belief system, they vocally made a statement according to their faith.

Right or wrong ... there seems to be no tolerance now for religious freedom (right or wrong).

I love my friends who are GAY

I also love my Chick-fil-A

What do I do? This is not a simple thing.

I write you because I know we can talk without offenses.

In love,

Ken Derringer