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LETTER TO THE COMMUNITY: Servicemembers United responds to Sen. Inhofe about Pride Parade

Members of Congress who believe that servicemembers' participation in an LGBT pride parade is equivalent to attending or speaking at a political or campaign rally in uniform have simply failed to do their research and apply common sense.

Senator Inhofe and his like-minded colleagues should spend some time actually meeting and talking with some of these gay troops and veterans instead of using their platform to try to bully the Pentagon into moving backwards.

Perhaps then he would come to realize what everyone else, including our senior defense leaders, already know -- that San Diego's LGBT Pride Parade and Festival are in the same category of non-partisan and non-political community events as are the many other community events and parades in which servicemembers are also allowed to participate in uniform.

Sean Sala
Servicemembers United Leadership Council member
Creator and an organizer of the military contingent for San Diego LGBT Pride

(Servicemembers United, a non-profit and non-partisan organization, is the nation's largest organization of gay and lesbian troops and veterans and their families. Servicemembers United actively engages in education and advocacy on issues affecting the gay military, veteran, and defense community.)