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DADT repeal effort: More smoke and mirrors

We cannot allow the Pentagon's analysis that is ongoing to delay the repeal of DADT for even a nano second. This week we have over 300 LGBT veterans in Washington, D.C., to lobby Congress and the military. San Diego is being well-represented.

Howard Dean: An open letter to President Barack Obama

Gay and lesbian Americans have demonstrated their courage and given their lives in service to our country since our nation's military was founded. Now it's time to allow them to say who they are.

The miracle of democracy is dying

The current political posturing is abhorrent and unacceptable. And now we have the responsibility to remain acutely aware of the dangerous and obvious trend of contempt for the judicial branch of our government.

"My heart is broken as I read of Rev. George Rekers' hypocrisy"

I hurt for the thousands of lesbian, gay and bisexual people he has caused to be put through discredited pseudo-therapies in an attempt to change the God-given gift of their sexual orientation.

Boy Scouts deserve to get the boot

Hey, B.S.A., have it your way. Discriminate away. It’s despicable, it’s unconscionable, but beyond question it’s your right.