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COMMENTARY: Why would Mary Cheney and GOProud support Mitt Romney? They believe he's a liar

Late last week Mary Cheney married her long-time partner Heather Poe. They tied the knot in Washington, D.C., even though they don't live there. Their state, Virginia, is dominated by anti-gay Republicans of the kind Mary Cheney has donated money to. Those politicians have made Virginia a very hostile place to even live peacefully if you're gay (that is, if you're not enormously privileged, like Mary Cheney), let alone get married.

So, Mary Cheney is happy to help elect anti-gay Republicans who make life miserable for gays. But wherever such Republicans are not elected and gay-friendly Democrats get in, she's happy to swoop in and enjoy the rights won by gay activists.

Is there even a word to truly describe this kind of thing?

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