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COMMENTARY: Why Mitt Romney will not get my vote

Mitt Romney, the presumed Republican Party nominee for president, is the more “moderate” GOP candidate to survive a bruising primary season. That’s not a compliment, considering that most of his competition was to the far right of Genghis Khan.

Romney must not be allowed anywhere near the White House. He must be defeated in the November presidential election, and here are the prime reasons:

1. Judicial appointments

Presidents nominate judicial candidates to the major courts across the nation. Judges serve for life, unless they resign, which is rare. The next president will likely get to nominate at least two justices to the U.S. Supreme Court, which is currently tilted to the right. Romney has asked right-wing extremist Robert Bork, who was rejected as a Supreme Court nominee, to advise him on judicial issues. Romney also promised the Religious Right that he would appoint conservative justices, cementing its rightward trend and negatively affecting generations to come. Barack Obama, a Democrat, would continue to appoint progressive justices, repositioning the Supreme Court and other courts toward the middle and giving hope that key decisions affecting our community will favor LGBT equality. While the nation is increasingly supportive of LGBT equality, according to numerous polls, the courts are slow to follow. It is imperative that Obama continues to nominate judicial candidates who reflect American society and its progressive thinking. This is the 21st century, and now is not the time to become culturally and socially regressive.

2. LGBT equality

Romney is a Mormon. He is very faithful to his church, which was one of the major funders of California’s Proposition 8 that took away marriage equality. The Mormon church continues to fund anti-gay initiatives around the country, including in North Carolina, Maryland and Minnesota, where marriage equality is at stake. Romney donated big bucks to support Prop 8, but hid his donations in a clever shell game and hoped nobody would find out. But the secret is out. Romney has vowed to support a constitutional amendment to ban marriage equality, which is discriminatory in nature and under attack in the courts. He recently buckled under pressure from the Religious Right after he appointed an openly gay Republican, Richard Grenell, as his foreign policy spokesman. Grenell didn’t even last a month because of the blistering criticism of anti-gay hate groups including American Family Association and Family Research Council. Obama, by contrast, has been the most gay-friendly president in American history, even though he has disappointed many by not “evolving” yet on marriage equality or signing an executive order banning LGBT discrimination in the workplace. The differences could not be more clear.

3. Wall Street’s buddy, Main Street’s enemy

Romney boasts that he was a job creator during his reign at Bain, but the truth is that he was a corporate raider who plundered the companies he bought to make them profitable, canned American workers to sweeten the bottom line, bled assets dry, and either bankrupted the companies or sold off the skeletons that remained for a handsome profit. Wall Street loves him. Main Street fears him. Obama inherited an economy in crisis from George W. Bush and somehow made crucial moves to save the country from a financial meltdown despite having little support from Republicans in Congress who have vowed to do nothing so Obama would become a one-term president. The economy is slowly, but surely improving, despite the "do nothing" Republicans in Congress. Do Obama a favor and give him a majority to work with in both the House and the Senate, and get rid of those right-wing radicals who oppose women's rights, minority rights and LGBT rights, and who want to return America to the Dark Ages.

4. Flip-flopper

Does anybody truly know what Romney stands for? Does Romney himself? Like a habitual liar who cannot tell the truth, Romney cannot possibly know what position he holds because he is constantly changing his tune to please whatever audience he is appearing before. He created "Romneycare" while Governor of Massachusetts, which became a model for "Obamacare," but then bashed "Obamacare." Obama is far more transparent in his positions on the issues, but plays the political game well as he tries to get re-elected.

5. Out of touch

Romney comes from wealth, lives like a king, and is completely out of touch with John Q. Public. The White House is the people’s house, and thus the President should know the people and their needs. Romney clearly does not understand the plight of millions of Americans who are struggling to make ends meet. He only knows of country clubs and oceanfront estates in La Jolla with garage elevators for his luxury cars, not about living from paycheck to paycheck. He is the 1% that controls the bulk of the wealth of America, and who wants to cut taxes on the wealthy instead of paying his fair share. Obama, on the other hand, came from the middle class and from a racially diverse family with a father from Kenya and a mother from the Midwest. His story is a classic example of the American dream, of a young man with big dreams who was raised by a single mom and her parents. Romney shows absolutely no empathy for the poor or the struggling middle class, and his vision for America can only be loved by the richest 1%. For these reasons, and many more, Romney will not get my vote.

Ken Williams is Editor in Chief of SDGLN. The opinions are his own, and do not necessarily reflect that of SDGLN. He can be reached at ken@sdgln.com, @KenSanDiego on Twitter, or by calling toll-free to (877) 727-5446, ext. 713.