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COMMENTARY: Why we love raising our kids in Uptown

In my last column here, I investigated the validity of my perception that over the last decade there has been an increase in families with young kids in Uptown neighborhoods. The results of my research of census data weren’t exactly what I had expected; but they did suggest that certain demographic groups have either been moving their young families here in droves, or getting very serious about making babies during the past 10 years.

Now, I know why I love living in North Park, and why I loved living in Hillcrest before we moved here, but I wanted to see why other Uptown parents chose to live in their respective neighborhoods. So I did what any serious sociological researcher would do: I posted the question on Facebook.

I asked: “What do you love about living and raising kids in your neighborhood?”

I wasn’t surprised to find that the responses were very much aligned with the reasons my wife and I love living here.


One of my parent-friends who responded to my informal poll had recently moved from a condo in a gated community to a gorgeous Craftsman fixer-upper just a few blocks away from my house, and was excited to live in a place where she was surrounded by diversity in everything from the architecture to the inhabitants. “I love that you’ve got old, young, gay, straight, kids, no kids and different ethnicities all in close quarters,” she said. Others agreed and added that they loved the charm of their old houses, despite the creaks and imperfections.

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