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COMMENTARY: Editor's Notebook looks at marriage equality, Santorum, civil discourse

(Today marks the debut of Editor’s Notebook, an occasional commentary about the state of affairs in the LGBT community. )

Random thoughts!

Kudos to Lambda Legal for filing this week a federal lawsuit seeking marriage equality in Nevada, setting up future actions that could possibly expand marriage on a national level.

Hot coals to Lambda Legal for spoon-feeding the major LGBT story of the day to Metro Weekly at the expense of all other LGBT media, most of which are struggling to survive during economic hard times and deserve an equal playing field. Showing favoritism is unbecoming of any organization or group.

. . .

Bravo to Donald Trump and his Miss Universe Organization for including transgender women as pageant contestants. It’s a bold move for universal equality.

. . .

Good riddance to the GOP presidential aspirations of homophobe Rick Santorum, who brought nothing but a fascist worldview to the Republican Party. “Saint” Santorum sought to build an America that rejected equality for women and gays and minorities, encouraged hate and homophobia, overturned separation of church and state, and instilled strict Vatican doctrine no different from the Taliban. His exit likely means that Santorum will be a leading contender in the 2016 presidential election, which should send chills up the spines of all Americans who believe that all people are created equally.

Hosanna for the overwhelming majority of Catholic Americans who reject the far-right extremism of Rick Santorum and who show support for equality for all.

. . .

Boo to the disrespect shown by some members of the LGBT community toward those with whom they disagree. The polarization of America, in which the two major political parties seem to be moving farther apart than toward the middle to reach a consensus, has all but killed civil dialogue in the U.S.

Case in point the recent LGBT Mayoral Forum at The Center in Hillcrest, in which some partisan folks yelled out “Liar” as openly gay Republican mayor candidate Carl DeMaio was speaking. Instead of being haters, San Diegans should be extremely proud to have four highly qualified candidates for mayor in 2012 … and two of them are gay or lesbian. Bonnie Dumanis, San Diego County District Attorney who is married to her spouse Denise Nelesen, has not experienced such a volatile reaction from the LGBT community even though many HIV/AIDS activists oppose her candidacy because of her stances regarding medical marijuana.

All four mayoral candidates -- including Bob Filner and Nathan Fletcher -- deserve our respect, even when we disagree with their political viewpoints.

. . .

Anybody remember David Blankenhorn from the infamous Proposition 8 trial? He was one of two "expert" witnesses put on the stand by lawyers for the Prop 8 supporters, but Blankenhorn noted in his testimony that marriage equality would have a positive effect for same-sex couples as well as society. Blankenhorn inadvertently helped opponents of Prop 8 with his testimony.

Blankenhorn is back in the news, and he penned with Elizabeth Marquardt an op-ed piece on newsobserver.com in opposition to North Carolina's amendment that would bar marriage equality. They say that while they oppose legalizing marriage equality, that the N.C. amendment goes too far. Come on guys, evolve a little more! Nobody is harmed by marriage equality, and you know it. Your own Prop 8 testimony, ironically, is proof.

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