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COMMENTARY: Remember who signed the NOM Pledge

Bravo to The New York Times editorial board for condemning the National Organization for Marriage and shaming the Republican presidential candidates for not repudiating NOM’s strategy to “Divide and Discriminate.”

Internal documents from NOM unsealed by a court in Maine last week reveal that the group, which is labeled an anti-gay hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center, is using a “divide and conquer” strategy to split up Democrats by race on the marriage equality issue. African-Americans and Latinos were specifically targeted because members of each community tend to vote for Democrats.

After reading the memos, The New York Times editorial board scoffed at NOM’s contention that it is a “social welfare organization” when the documents show otherwise:

“The group uses its designation as a social welfare organization to avoid federal disclosure, but the memos dispel any notion that the claim has any legitimacy. National Organization for Marriage is a political group, through and through.”

The The New York Times editorial board noted that three of remaining GOP presidential candidates – Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich – have signed the NOM Pledge that among other things calls for a ban against marriage equality and other anti-gay issues. And the board added in its editorial:

“Now that the group’s poisonous political approach is out in the open, Mr. Romney and the others should be racing to make clear their disapproval.

“We detect no stampede.”

LGBT voters should remember who signed the NOM Pledge when they go to the polls in November.